Group Membership

Nice Ride membership is a low cost, high impact benefit that can help you attract and retain the best talent. It’s an easy way to encourage healthy, active lifestyles.

Employer & University Program

With 190 stations spread across Minneapolis and St. Paul, Nice Ride Minnesota is one of the largest and best recognized bike sharing systems in the country.

Now, you can keep your organization happy and healthy by offering discounted Nice Ride memberships. Ease parking issues, keep employees and students alert and engaged. Provide an economical transportation solution. Encourage active living by making it fun and easy to get on a bike, April - November.


How does it work?

Nice Ride will discount $15 of the $75 1-year membership for your group members - just decide how much of the remaining $60 you’d like to cover.


Nice Ride
Employer / University
$15 $15 $45
$15 $30 $30
$15 $45 $15

We can craft a program that works for your organization and budget. You choose how much you'd like to contribute for each employee or student. Each person in your group will have their own account and will be responsible for any usage fees incurred. Our outreach staff is available to help promote your program internally.



Group Membership