How it Works

Nice Ride is fast, easy, affordable and open to everyone. Simply take a bike when you need one, and return it to any station in the system when you arrive at your destination.

Get moving with Nice Ride bike share

Nice Ride has over 1800 bikes available 24/7 from 200+ locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Get on a bike at any station and return it anywhere in the system. Take a spin around the lake, ride to work or across town. When you reach your destination just return your bike to the nearest station and check out another one for the return trip.

Rental options

You have the option of a single ride, or an unlimited number of rides with a 24 hour pass or a membership.


Single rides
Single rides can be purchased by swiping a card at any of our 200+ stations or via our mobile app. The cost is $2 per ½ hour from the time the bike leaves the station until it is returned. Up to 4 bikes can be rented at one time on a single card.

24 Hour passes
24 Hour passes can be purchased at any Nice Ride station or via our mobile app. A pass gives you unlimited rides up to 30 minutes in length with no additional costs. Rides longer than 30 pay additional fees of $2 per ½ hour. Each time you return a bike to a station you reset the clock and get another 30 minutes with no fees. Up to 4 passes can be purchased on a single card.

1-Year and 30-day memberships are available on our website or mobile app. Memberships are the least expensive option if you plan to ride a lot. Members get a full 60 minutes per rental with no usage fees. Members also get a Nice Ride key that allows you to get on a bike in seconds without using the pay station.

Unlocking a bike

If you're taking a single ride or using a pass, the pay station will issue an unlock code. Enter the code on the keypad of any dock with an available bike. Codes can only be used once. When you're ready to take another ride, just reinsert the card used to purchase your pass. The system will recognize that you have a pass and issue a new unlock code.

If you signed up for a membership, you can skip the pay station. Just insert your Nice Ride key into the dock of an available bike.

If you're using our mobile app, the app will issue unlock codes that you can enter into the dock of any available bike.

Returning your bike

Push your bike firmly into an open dock at any station. Look for the green light that indicates the bike is properly locked. The bike remains your responsibility until it is properly returned.

No space available to return your bike?

Go to the pay station and insert your credit card, or enter the number on the back of your key to get another 15 free minutes to get to another station. At the pay station, you can check the status of nearby stations to find an available bike dock.

What to do if your bike needs repair

Just lock your bike at a station and notify us by pushing the red button on the dock. In case of difficulty,  contact customer service at 1-877-551-6423. Never abandon a defective bike. It remains your responsibility until it is properly returned.

The Nice Ride season

Nice Ride bicycles are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from April to November. The average season is about 215 days long depending on the weather. All Nice Ride stations are removed from the streets during the snowy winter months.

Longer term rentals

Bike sharing is specifically targeted at short term rentals. If you would like to rent a bike for an extended period of time, we recommend that you use a local bike rental service.

Got more questions?
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Bike fitting:

Nice Ride bikes are all one size and have been designed to accommodate riders between 5'0" and 6'6" in height. The seat height is easily adjustable. Our bikes are built for quick trips in the city by people wearing regular clothes and carrying ordinary stuff.

30 day Pay-as-you-go membership $18

From the FAQ

Am I required to wear a helmet?

While it's not required, Nice Ride recommends that everyone wear a helmet. Keep a helmet at work or in your locker. Freewheel Bike offers 20% off Trek helmets to all Nice Ride Subscribers (bring your Nice Ride key or a receipt from any Nice Ride station). Pick-up a helmet at Freewheel's West Bank store or the Freewheel Midtown Bike Center

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