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  • Members Get 60 Minutes, New Pay-As-You-Go Membership

    We’ve heard from you and we’re making Nice Ride membership fit your lifestyle - we’re doubling the amount of free time you get to ride.

    Posted 4/9/14 | Continue Reading

  • New for 2014: Nice UniRide Minnesota

    The spring 2014 announcement you've all been waiting for is finally here. We're changing the Nice Ride system to better serve the Twin Cities community.

    Posted 4/1/14 | Continue Reading

  • We're Coming Back and Bringing Spring With Us

    It's been said that a Nice Ride can melt snowbanks with its shadow alone. We've heard the bright green paint absorbs sunlight, magically amplifies it and radiates a sunny 72 degrees back. Whether or not these legends are true

    Posted 3/26/14 | Continue Reading

  • Get Involved in the Saint Paul Bike Plan

    The City of Saint Paul is developing a citywide long range plan for bicycle infrastructure improvements. The plan will identify corridors throughout the city for the development of future bike facilities. A draft of this plan will be presented to the public in a series of open houses throughout the month of February.

    Posted 2/9/14 | Continue Reading

  • Nice Ride 2013 Season ends November 3rd

    The 2013 Nice Ride season will end at 10pm on Sunday November 4th. The forecast looks good for a few more rides before we shut down.

    Posted 10/27/13 | Continue Reading

  • Nice Ride Annual Report, 2013

    It’s been an incredible 2013 season and as the leaves begin to change, we follow suit here at Nice Ride. As we grow near to our November 3rd system shut down, we’d like to reflect on some of our major strides forward this year.

    Posted 10/21/13 | Continue Reading

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