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  • 2015 Year In Review

    Happy New Year! The energy is palpable here at Nice Ride as we plan for a big season in 2016. As we continue preparations for the upcoming year, we thought it might be a great time to look back on what happened in 2015. It was another record-breaking year, after all.

    Posted 1/22/16 | Continue Reading

  • 2015 Season Wrap-up Information

    The 2015 Nice Ride season will end at 10 pm on Sunday, November 1st. Make sure to enjoy the last few weeks of bike share season - it looks like we'll have great biking weather until the 1st.

    Posted 10/15/15 | Continue Reading

  • and Nice Ride MN Launch Crowdsourcing Bikeshare Project and Nice Ride Minnesota are excited to announce a new joint project to crowdsource analysis and recommendations for the evolution of the Twin Cities bikeshare system.

    Posted 9/1/15 | Continue Reading

  • Wrapping Up The Summer Bucket List

    When summer first hits the Twin Cities, the long warm days seem endless. The months of June and July feel full of possibility, but when the last couple weeks of August hit, the days start going by fast. Sometimes all of the fun plans we had become lost in busy schedules, travel, and work obligations. It's time to check off that Summer bucket list before it's too late.

    Posted 8/31/15 | Continue Reading

  • Pedaling Forward: Nice Ride Neighborhood Gains Momentum In Year Two

    Continuing from a successful pilot year, the Nice Ride Neighborhood program is back in North Minneapolis, Frogtown, and East Side St. Paul, and has added an additional neighborhood to the roster with a small pilot based in Little Earth of United Tribes.

    Posted 7/30/15 | Continue Reading

  • Why Bike Share Is Great For Bike Owners

    Oh, you already have a bike? We know. This is the Twin Cities after all, isn't it? Minneapolis recently ranked as a top 20 cycling city in the world, in fact, the only American city to ever make the list. That’s a pretty big deal and things are only going up from here, considering the newly adopted protected bikeways plan. Naturally, you'd have a bike - but here's the thing: So do 70% of our annual members! There are tons of reasons why a bike share membership makes sense even if you have a bike at home. If you think having a bike means you don’t need a Nice Ride membership, here are seven reasons given by our bike-owning members:

    Posted 7/27/15 | Continue Reading

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