Day 3 Status Report

Share   |  Posted Jun. 12, 2010 by Bill Dossett

Whew! In eight days, we hired seven employees, installed 48 bike share stations, troubleshot and tested everything, and put on a parade. The staff here at Nice Ride headquarters is bleary-eyed, but so excited to see those lovable green bikes all over downtown Minneapolis. For those of you watching our progress, here's a little update:

46 stations are operating now. We will get 2 more going this week-end. A few stations are only half-open; we're waiting for parts and will get them fully operational very soon.

We are assembling 17 more stations now. Sieco Construction will be installing those stations over the next ten days

We have 700 bikes in various stages of readyness. About 350 of those are on the street now, Freewheel Bike is finishing assembly of the rest. We will add those to our on-street fleet over the next few weeks as subscriptions are purchased.

Ian and Mike handled  the first station rebalancing shift on Thursday night, moving bikes from full stations to empty ones. We will rebalance continuously all season long and we'll be getting better at it as usage patterns emerge.

We mailed the first keys and coupon books to subscribers on Wednesday night. We've mailed about 160 so far and we'll mail them every week day as new subscriptions come in.

Hundreds of you have contributed your time and energy to make all of this happen. Thanks for all of your support!

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(1) On June 13, 2010, Nikki Sorum () said:
Love the new service. I will use it to commute around downtown.
(2) On June 13, 2010, Jesse Langanki () said:
It would be interesting if you offered free rentals, or even pay the user $1.00 to do the rebalancing for you. I bet people would volunteer to rebalance the bikes just for a fun activity if you created a system that encouraged people to bike to certain stations that needed bikes from a location that was full of bikes. On the other hand, if a station is nearly full you could charge a docking fee of $1.00 to take the last slot remaining.
(3) On June 13, 2010, Nikki Sorum () said:
When will the station at 4th ave and 7 street be installed? (right by Hennepin County Center)? It is right by my office so I am excited about that station. Thanks for your hard work!
(4) On June 14, 2010, Couseydee () said:
It would be great to see a station at 6th and University SE. It's between many stations at the U, and the Lower NE area. Plus, Dunn Brothers and Hennepin park at that corner are popular destinations!
(5) On June 15, 2010, Ben Horn ( said:
We were sad to learn that my 15-year-old son is too young to use the bikes. I would gladly sign a legal release, etc.
As it turns out, I will be attending the national Unitarian Universalist conference in Minneapolis June 22-27. I can't believe my good fortune! I will definitely be bringing a helmet. (Visiting from your rival, Portland, OR :-))

Are you using the system from Montreal? I invited them to attend a green transportation conference in Portland, OR two years ago; I was recruiting exhibitors. Good on you for beating Portland to the punch...even though I'm sorry no Portland leaders jumped on board...

Best wishes,
(7) On June 16, 2010, Steve () said:
Where is a simple list of stations a map? Silly me I could not find it easily?
(8) On June 17, 2010, Amy Whittey () said:
Need to see some Nice Ride stations in North Minneapolis. North is the only area without a single one.
(9) On June 18, 2010, Dave () said:
The best way to find "live" stations is with the iPod/iPhone apps that work with Bixi-like networks!

I like Spotcycle's FREE app best, I used it with Montreal's Bixi system and it's great.

Just change the city to Minneapolis and you're all set!

A quick and easy way to find a free slot when you find a station that is already full.
(10) On June 19, 2010, KenGlish () said:
SO excited by what you guys have put together here. Cant wait to NiceRide! Thanks so much! But really disappointed and suprised the website isn't iPhone friendly. The station map isn't functional at all, which is exactly what you'd need access to on a mobile device when out riding. An iPhone app of that would be awesome...
(11) On June 20, 2010, RFP () said:
A few thoughts:

First, I LOVE the system. Tested it out yesterday, it was great.

Second, it needs to be made more clear that once a user has returned a bike to the rack, they need to re-scan their credit card to get another authorization code.

Great system, I imagine that it will succeed wildly.

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How long can I take a bike out?

Bike sharing is designed for short trips. Trips over 30 minutes will incur usage fees. You can take a bike out for a maximum of 24 hours. After that time, the bike will be considered lost and a replacement fee will be charged to your credit card.