Tour de Nice Ride & After Party - Thursday, July 29th

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Download Tour de Nice Ride Minifest here

You don't have to be a professional cyclist with shaved legs and skin-tight spandex to be a winner at our tour. The Tour de Nice Ride will showcase the wits of Nice Riders across Minneapolis. When our tour comes to an end, we'll show France how Minneapolis parties at the Bedlam Theatre.

  • Download the Tour de Nice Ride manifest. (124k PDF)
    Print your own copy or pick one up at The Midtown Bike Center.
  • The manifest contains clues that help you determine which Nice Ride stations will be "checkpoints".
  • 5:00pm, the Tour begins, and you'll have until 7:30pm to ride to as many checkpoints as you can. Collect a stamp from a Nice Ride volunteer at each checkpoint that you ride to.
  • When the Tour ends at 7:30pm, or when you've collected as many stamps as you can, pedal over to the station near the Bedlam Theatre, located on 16th Ave S at the Cedar-Riverside LRT.
  • When you arrive via Nice Ride bike you'll receive one stamp just for showing up at the station. This stamp will get you free entry into The Bedlam during our Nice Ride Happy Hour (7pm-10pm) , AND allow you to enter your manifest in the raffle for some sweet prizes.
  • 8:30pm, we'll begin drawing names and handing out some stellar prizes. The more stamps you collect, the better your chances are, and larger the prizes will be. We'll also be giving away some free Peace Coffee and Nice Ride gear to random partygoers who seem to possess the spirit of the Tour de Nice Ride.
  • 10:00pm, Nice Ride Happy Hour ends, but we expect that the party won't.


  • All participants must be riding a Nice Ride bike to collect stamps
  • You must not incur any trip fees. Find out how it's done here.
  • Abide by all traffic laws

Raffle Prizes:

1-4 stamps

Winner 1: Signed Adam Turman ARTCRANK Poster, Peace Coffee Cycling Cap, Nice Ride MN ARTCRANK Poster, Nice Ride MN Cycling Socks & Nice Ride MN T-Shirt
Winner 2: Peace Coffee Cycling Cap, Nice Ride ARTCRANK Poster & Nice Ride T-Shirt
Winner 3: Peace Coffee Cycling Cap, Nice Ride ARTCRANK Poster & Nice Ride T-Shirt

5-10 stamps

Winner 1: Gift Certificates to: Birchwood Cafe & Midwest Mountaineering & Peace Coffee Cycling Cap, Nice Ride Shop Shirt & Nice Ride Cycling Socks
Winner 2: Gift Certificates to: Birchwood Cafe & Seward Co-op & Peace Coffee Cycling Cap, Nice Ride Cycling Cap & Nice Ride T-Shirt
Winner 3: Gift Certificate to: Birchwood Cafe & Peace Coffee Cycling Cap, Nice Ride Cycling Socks & Nice Ride T-Shirt

All 10 stamps

Winner 1: Freewheel Bike Prize Package (details below) & Gift certificates to: Seward Co-op, Spoon River & Birchwood Cafe & Nice Ride Jersey, Nice Ride Cycling Hat, Nice Ride Cycling Socks, Peace Coffee Cycling Cap & Nice Ride ARTCRANK Poster

Freewheel Bike Prize Package:

1 Complete Bike Tune (valued at $70)
1 voucher for a Freewheel Bike Bicycle Tune Up Class (valued at $100)
1 voucher for a Freewheel Bike Bicycle Overhaul Class (valued at $200)
1 voucher for a Freewheel Bike Wheel Building Class (valued at $100)
1 Freewheel Bike Golden Wrench Shop Shirt (valued at $65 Total Value: $535)

Please support our sponsors who made this event possible:


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Is there a minimum age? I'd like to do this with my 12-yo grandson.

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Am I required to wear a helmet?

While it's not required, Nice Ride recommends that everyone wear a helmet. Keep a helmet at work or in your locker. Freewheel Bike offers 20% off Trek helmets to all Nice Ride Subscribers (bring your Nice Ride key or a receipt from any Nice Ride station). Pick-up a helmet at Freewheel's West Bank store or the Freewheel Midtown Bike Center