40 Day Update: 25,000 trips; Nice Ride 65 Challenge

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On July 22, Nice Ride Minnesota will hit the 25,000 trip mark - that's 25,000 times somebody left a computer behind, gave their heart rate a boost, and put on a smile. Over in Midtown at Nice Ride headquarters, we feel really good about that!

Stations Update

On July 20th, we installed our 65th bike share station - that's all of the stations purchased with our first round of funding. The latest stations are at the new UROC campus on Plymouth Avenue, by Summit Academy, and at International Market Square. Sieco Construction has also moved the Central Library station back to its planned location in front of the library. As expected, actual installations differ a little from the maps we printed in May - we added stations near Target Field and in Elliot Park and dropped stations planned for the Oak Street Parking ramp and the Regis Art Center. We'll be printing new maps soon. For the location and real time status of every station, go to www.niceridemn.org.

We're Listening

We've heard from you that our $250 deposit hold for 24-hour subscriptions is a problem and that our pay stations are confusing. We're listening. We'll announce a major software update along with other changes very soon to address these concerns.

Announcing the Nice Ride 65 Challenge

Notice: The 65 challenge has now ended. We will not be holding the challenge in 2011 or until further notice.

Help us celebrate by riding to as many stations as you can in 24 hours. Riders who check in at enough stations will win some free Nice Ride stuff.

The rules:

  • To accept the challenge, e-mail challenge@niceridemn.org with your name, address, and the date of your planned ride.
  • Visit as many Nice Ride stations as you can in one 24 hour period.
  • You must check a bike in and check a bike out at each station to record your trips.
  • You may not incur any trip fees. All rides between stations must be less than 30 minutes.
  • When you're finished, email challenge@niceridemn.org to notify us. Send us a picture of yourself and a short message about something fun or unexpected found on your ride. We'll confirm your trips and send you a prize if you've qualified for one.
  • Contest ends November 1st, 2010.


  • 35 stations: Nice Ride t-shirt
  • 45 stations: Nice Ride socks
  • 55 stations: Nice Ride mechanics shirt (value $30)
  • All 65 stations: Nice Ride jersey (value $75)

Help Spread the Word

Three things everyone should know about Nice Ride:

  1. You can ride all day without running up trip fees. It's simple. Never store a Nice Ride bike in your home or office. If you want to take a ride longer than a half-hour, check the bike in at any station during your ride to restart the clock and get another half-hour with no trip fees. When you go to lunch, take one bike to the restaurant, return it to a dock, and take another bike for the return trip.
  2. A 1-year subscription is an awesome value. 1-year subscribers get a Nice Ride key, so you can take a bike in seconds and never have to insert a credit card at a pay station and thewre is no security deposit. 1year subscribers receive almost $500 dollars in coupons from restaurants and shops near Nice Ride stations. The subscription runs for a full 365 days, so if you sign up in August of 2010, you can use bikes until August of 2011 (excluding winter, when Nice Ride will be hibernating). All this for just $60 ($50 for students).
  3. There are lots of nice ride stations-actually 65! From downtown, take a Nice Ride bike to buy a book in the Warehouse District, meet a friend for a walk along St. Anthony Main, pick-up tickets at the U of M, have lunch at the Midtown Global Market, catch a movie in Uptown, or stroll through the sculpture garden at the Walker Art Center. There is no better way to explore Minneapolis than on a Nice Ride bike.

Bike share is brand new in Minneapolis. People are puzzled. They are used to recreational rentals, not subscriptions aimed at using bikes for transportation. You have it figured out. Go tell all your friends! Thanks for supporting Nice Ride Minnesota!

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(1) On October 11, 2010, Kurt Franke () said:
I had a Nice Ride day on Friday, riding 9 hours around Minneapolis. Visited 60+ NR stations on my quest to complete the 65 Challenge. The weather was perfect and my bike worked well. The only catch, I did have abit of a problem with some at some of the kiosks. I was using the one-day rental option. Trying to use my credit card became the toughest part of the Challenge.

Thanks for the great/Nice Ride.


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How do I return a bike?

Push the front wheel of the bike firmly into the bike dock until the green light on the dock comes on. The green light indicates that the bike is locked and properly returned. If the red light on the bike dock stays on, remove the bike and try another empty bike dock. The bike remains your responsibility until it is properly returned.