Nice Ride Wants Your Ideas on Expansion: Join Us on September 15

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Nice Ride Minnesota launched the largest public bike sharing system in America on June 10. We are a non-profit organization, dependent on your support. At our 3-month anniversary, we want to know how you think we're doing and where we should expand the bike share system. Join us on Wednesday, September 15, at 7:00 pm at the University of Minnesota Urban Research and Community Outreach/Engagement Center (UROC), 2001 Plymouth Avenue North, Minneapolis. Nice Ride staff will present a brief summary of our initial 3-month performance. Antonio Rosell, Director, Community Design Group, will facilitate a discussion focusing on the potential to expand Nice Ride Minnesota to more communities.

If you are unable to attend this event, we still want your ideas. Please send an e-mail to before September 10.

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(1) On September 1, 2010, Dan MacLaughlin ( said:
Just interested to hear how people feel about the program. Been getting some mixed reviews from folks confused by the pricing structure. Many positive stories as well.
I would love for you guys to expand further south. I love using the nice ride system but I would use it more if extended to my neighborhood, Kingfield.
(3) On September 1, 2010, Jane () said:
I can't attend. I love NiceRice. I work in Mpls and live in St. Paul. I would LOVE to be able to ride further than the U of M or Franklin Ave. I hope St. Paul (or at least further east toward St. Paul) can be added next year!
(4) On September 1, 2010, Scott M. () said:
Love that you have so many stations. They're everywhere I look...north of Lake Street. How about stations around Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet as well as other parks?
I'm from out of town, and really enjoyed the bikes on my last visit to Minneapolis.

I wrote a sort note about at:

(6) On September 2, 2010, Uta ( said:
Love the concept. What about stations at some of the larger Park & Rides (i.e. Louisiana Ave & 394)?
(7) On September 2, 2010, Mollie () said:
I would love if you expanded in St. Paul. Maybe to connect the two U of MN campuses?
(8) On September 2, 2010, bike rider () said:
saw the numbers for the first time this morning, question is, is that enough to support this thing? hate to have to go into the cities other areas to pay for any shortfalls. nice-ride supposedly has 14 full time people working there, I figure that's got to cost 10s of thousand per month just in labor costs.
(9) On September 2, 2010, jordajl0 () said:
I love NiceRide and would love to see it expand farther up into Northeast (hint, hint - 13th Avenue NE at University)!
(10) On September 2, 2010, Hybrids () said:
(11) On September 3, 2010, Pat Owen () said:
How about St. Paul around Como Park? Como Park is in the middle of designing a transportation/parking plan and Nice Ride Bikes would be a great addition.
(12) On September 3, 2010, Thatcher Imboden ( said:
West Calhoun Neighborhood for sure due to proxy to lakes, Uptown, housing density, and two large office buildings.
(13) On September 4, 2010, Kelly () said:
Please add a NiceRide kiosks at the Hiawatha LRT stations! 38th St, 46th St, 50th Street, VA, etc!
(14) On September 5, 2010, to: bike rider () said:
you're right, if this thing can't stand on it's own two financial feet it should be scraped. i guess it'll last about 2 years or so.
(15) On September 5, 2010, Lizzie Lou () said:
I have been a full subscriber this year and am wondering what it would take to get a station closer to my home, Johnson and 29th ave NE. I would love to be able to use these to commute to work! I would also be willing to do some volunteer work to make a station near me happen.

Thank you.
(16) On September 8, 2010, mina leierwood () said:
Love that Nice Ride! When ever I see those sweet green bikes I yell "Nice Ride!" My New York relatives used it, and they were so impressed! Could I request a station in Powderhorn Park, near the May Day Cafe? Also one in Bryn Mawr?
(17) On September 8, 2010, Emily () said:
I have a year subscription and the key makes the bike stations so much easier! It would be great if there were more than two places in Uptown to swap the bikes at so that people could ride around the lakes without getting charged so much. It would also be nice to have a drop-off spot in the Elliot Park entrance area since there are a few large condo buildings and apartments. This would make access to central downtown much easier!
(18) On September 8, 2010, Don () said:
I think a northeast location like the pierre bottineau library would be great
(19) On September 8, 2010, Erin Jerabek () said:
The system should consider current access issues and expand more into neighborhoods where everyone doesn't already own their own bike.

Perhaps you could start an equitable access program through the high schools providing greater opportunities for usage and access to youth.
(20) On September 8, 2010, Alan Matuszak () said:
My son and I rode around campus at U of M for a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon. The bikes were great and the system worked very well. We were a little confused by the pricing - didn't realize that we had to pay for the 24 hr. subscription PLUS the trip fees. Thought it was an either/or thing. Rookie mistake I guess. I really hope this thing works out because it's a great idea and I would love to keep using it.
(21) On September 9, 2010, Karl Narveson () said:
* Midtown Greenway, right outside your own offices;
* Lake and Hiawatha rail station;
* Lake of the Isles, Lake Calhoun, Lake Harriet;

(22) On September 9, 2010, Carla Bates () said:
Nice Ride is fantastic. I would pay $100 for an annual subscription. I would love a station at the Midtown Y, East Lake Library, Riverview Theatre, and many, many more places. I also think an extension to 16 year olds would be good so then you could add some high schools. I also wanted to mention that your phone support is great - I have run into glitches but your phone support has totally helped out. It's great!
(23) On September 9, 2010, Matt Flory () said:
I rode the Niceride last week and LOVED it. I especially liked parking in Uptown and heading to North Minneapolis over to the Greenway and back by switching bikes.

I would LOVE a station on the West side of Lake Calhoun (I live in Saint Louis Park). There is a big business parking lot that is free to the public on weekends.

An east terminus beyond Birchwood cafe would get people to the river.

A South terminus that reaches Minehaha creek (and even locations along that corridor would also be nice).
(24) On September 9, 2010, Matt Flory () said:
West side of Calhoun, between Calhoun and Harriet, South end of Harriet and along the Minnehaha creek bike trail.
(25) On September 10, 2010, Joey Ste.Marie ( said:
I am from Winnipeg and while on a recent trip to Minneapolis I came accross your NICE RIDE WOW what a great Idea, I would love to see it here in Winnipeg any Idea on how to get the ball rolling?
(26) On September 10, 2010, independent biker () said:
wow, more free stuff from the government, i like free stuff, free stuff makes me happy! ~:->
(27) On September 10, 2010, Jason () said:
I would be willing to pay more for a yearly subscription to keep this afloat.
(28) On September 10, 2010, independent biker () said:
(29) On September 12, 2010, Julie () said:
I would like to see the Loring station moved to the south side of the park, closer to where many people live. It would be great if the station map worked on more mobile browsers - hard to get a status on a station and I've had to go on to the next station numerous times because a given station was either full or the last open spot was not working. Regardless - I love the Nice bikes. I dropped my MetroPass for the summer and used the bikes to get back and forth from work. Have also used them for treks to the Farmers Market and for touring with friends from out of town. And yes, I would pay a bit more for a subscribtion.
(30) On September 12, 2010, spiderleggreen () said:
I'm happy to see that Nice Ride has been such a positive draw for Mpls. I've talked to people from all over the world who have tried our Nice Ride and loved it.

I personally hope that Nice Ride continues to work to secure funding well into the future, instead of focusing on paying it's own way. We have all sorts of other transportation options that are heavily subsidized... like cars! You don't think that the gas tax pays for all of our roads, do you?
(31) On September 13, 2010, John () said:
Love the program!

Really need kiosks further south - near Lake Calhoun, Lake Harriet and the creek.
(32) On September 13, 2010, k. vang () said:
I'm a graduate student at the U of MN and use Nice Ride on almost a daily basis. It's been great.
(33) On September 13, 2010, Stephen () said:
I would get a subscription in a second if there were a 13th Ave NE & University Ave NE location. Or really anywhere up in northeast.
(34) On September 15, 2010, Sara () said:
I agree that a kiosk by the Lake/Hiawatha Rail Station or the Midtown Y, East Lake Library area generally. With Target, Cub, Rainbow, etc. nearby I think you'd get lots of good ridership there. Thanks.
(35) On September 15, 2010, Joe () said:
Wish I could make the meeting. Sounds like there will be other voices that share my thoughts about going further south and into North East.

There needs to be a better representation in Uptown and south from there. I would think that area is fertile ground for this sort of thing. I'm sure it's a tough sell.. but a station right in the walkway between Calhoun Square and the Parking ramp would be ideal. Also, anyone contacted the Parasole restaurant group about some sort of sponsorship. They own several of the major restaurants in the core Uptown area. Also need to have some stations closer to the Lakes...
(36) On September 16, 2010, scrumpy () said:
free stuff, gimme free stuff, more please! i like as much free stuff from the government as i can get!
(37) On September 16, 2010, scrumpy () said:
(38) On September 16, 2010, scrumpy () said:
(39) On September 16, 2010, Mitch ( said:
Dear Scrumpy, Independent Biker or whatever,

Judging by the many comments you've posted on our site, you've got some sort of axe to grind regarding the public funding of transportation projects. That's all good and fine, make your points and I'll publish them. I'm giving you a public forum to make your case. On the other hand if you're not willing to put forth any effort beyond "gimmegimmegimmegimmegimmegimmegimme " or parroting the WSJ, then I won't waste my time publishing your comments any more.

Mitch Vars
I.T Director
Nice Ride Minnesota
(40) On September 16, 2010, Christine () said:
It would be nice to have a water proof copy of the station/city map attached to the bikes. If you aren't 100% sure of where to return the bike and you leave the station you can eat up a good portion of the 1/2 hour looking for the best place to return the bike. Obviously, this isn't an issue if you ride them a lot, but for first time users or occasional use, a map is very helpful.
(41) On September 16, 2010, independent biker () said:
The point is that there is far too much government involvement in too many things. These green bikes are a symbol of that. As they relate to public transportation, they are completely superflous thus a waste, and sadly an expensive luxury in the middle of a severe recession. There is nowhere in this city that cannot be reached by the transportation systems as is. All these things do, like most government programs, is steal people's dignity by making them increasingly dependent on government on the one hand, and steal the fruits of labor of those in the private sector on the other.

(42) On September 20, 2010, NoTopo () said:
I am another Winnipeger who has experienced your amazing system I am very envious. Even in "socialist" Canada we haven't clued in that the benefits of such a program can far outweigh the costs. Fit people are happy productive people. Exercise reduces stress and helps well being.
To independent biker and that ilk. What is the role of government if not to accomplish for the many what the few cannot do on their own? You have a government by the people, for the people. Your people are increasingly unfit and obese, you are dependent on foreign oil, your roads are congested. So what's wrong with bike sharing doing it's part to improve these issues? Why must beneficial social enterprises be self funding? I suppose the war in Iraq is a massive economic booster???
Besides, I understand NiceRide was started using a settlement against Big Tobacco, so put that in your pipe and smoke it!
(43) On September 21, 2010, iRead () said:
Dearest Scrumpy,

Ever scratch your head and wonder why all of the "private sector" bike shops in town are supporting bike share? They've done their homework.

(44) On September 22, 2010, Eric Newman () said:
It would be very useful to have a kiosk on the U of M campus near the new science buildings behind the football stadium, on 6th St SE.

I would also love to see kiosks in the Kenwood neighborhood, specifically near Franklin and Irving.

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