Nice Ride Expansion Planning: Join Us at a Neighborhood Workshop Near You

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Nice Ride Minnesota launched the largest public bike sharing system in America on June 10. As we approach the 100,000-ride milestone and the close of our first season, Nice Ride is planning a major expansion!

Part of our expansion is already funded. We will add at least six stations in North Minneapolis next year and are holding planning meetings there now.

But Nice Ride has much bigger plans. Mayor Rybak, Mayor Coleman, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota CEO Pat Geraghty are helping Nice Ride seek Phase 2 funding for a major expansion. We want to serve neighborhoods on all sides of downtown Minneapolis, downtown St. Paul, and the Grand Avenue/University Avenue corridor.

We kicked off Phase 2 planning with a metro-wide meeting on September 15. Now we are holding workshops so you can show us where you want a Nice Ride station in your neighborhood.

Nice Ride Neighborhood Workshop Schedule

Downtown St. Paul Workshops
Wednesday, November 3, 6:30-8:00 pm, at First National Bank Building, 1st floor training center, 5th and Minnesota entrance / 332 Minnesota Street, Saint Paul, MN 55101

Friday, November 5, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, at First National Bank Building, 1st floor training center, 5th and Minnesota entrance / 332 Minnesota Street, Saint Paul, MN 55101
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Northeast Minneapolis Workshop
Tuesday, November 9, 6:30-8 pm, at Hedberg Maps, Northrup King Building (enter by Van Buren Street) / 1500 Jackson St NE, Suite 314, Minneapolis, MN 55413 / 612-706-9686
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South and Southwest Minneapolis Workshop
Thursday, November 11, 6:30-8 pm, at Freewheel Midtown Bike Center, 2834 10th Av. S., Minneapolis, Minnesota. Enter on Greenway between 10th Ave. and Chicago Avenue.
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University Avenue/Grand Avenue Corridor Workshop
Wednesday, November 17, 6:30-8:00 pm, at Laura Jeffrey Academy, 1550 Summit Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55105.
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If you are unable to attend a workshop, we still want your ideas. Please send an e-mail to

Nice Ride Minnesota is a local non-profit. Our current system includes 65 self-service bike share stations and 700 bikes. We bought this equipment through generous contributions from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota; Bike Walk Twin Cities, a program of Transit for Livable Communities; and the City of Minneapolis.

12 Previous comments:

(1) On October 27, 2010, Richard Clow () said:
I would love to see some Green bike rider's in Saint Paul! I visit MPLS, a couple times a month, and I love seeing people on bikes, I commute five days a week. I especially like seeing people on their rented bikes, smiling like little kids!

Saint Paul needs this! Put a station by Lake Phalen, or in North Saint Paul, on the West End...there are a bunch of neighborhoods in Saint Paul that would be profitable for you, and beneficial for the people of Saint Paul. There are parking lots along the Gateway Trail, The Bruce Vento Trail, nearby the numerous colleges... Niceride could do very well in Saint Paul.

Please don't overlook the opportunity that this great city can provide. I was one of the 6000, plus, that rode the Saint Paul Classic. I know of many more that would have, had they had a bike to ride.
(2) On October 27, 2010, pvbh40 () said:
Put bikes around Lake Harriet, Lake Nokomis etc...
(3) On October 28, 2010, Gerry Tyrrell () said:
The Midtown YWCA needs a nice ride station - just off LRT and Midtown Greenway - the Midtown YWCA has thousands of members and is off one of the busiest intersections in the city.
(4) On October 29, 2010, christina degrande () said:
I love the previous comment about having the NiceRides around Phalen, Bruce Vento, and/or Gateway. I had a membership to NR this summer and rode it on my lunch hour during work, but I will no longer be in Minneapolis, and it would also be nice after work hours to go around town and I'm on the east side of the Twin Cities. NiceRide bikes are THE BEST
(5) On October 29, 2010, lee penn () said:
I'd love to see a mechanism for a NiceRider to check out a second bike for a friend... Perhaps a $1.50 charge for each 30 min (like the $1.50 extra for the first extra half hour on a trip)? Perhaps we get a small number of free guest passes (or $1.50 "passes") per season? Of course, we agree to cover charges... Don't know if such a thing is implementable, but it would sure make it easy to promote the program to friends - just take a friend for a ride at no cost to the friend....
(6) On November 1, 2010, Betsy Wehrwein () said:
Como Park is in the midst of a mode shift and encouraging visitors to take the bus and then have bikes there would be a wonderful encouragement. Please consider this
(7) On November 2, 2010, Larry Schuh () said:
I would like to see a NiceRide station located around the Triangle Park area (between 4th & 5th aves. on 10th street) or possibly around Portland Ave. & 10 St. (near the new CVS Pharmacy).
There are numerous high rise buildings (Grant Park, Skyscape, Sexton, etc.) as well as older buildings that are either apartments or condos in that area. I think the density of the population there would be a great market for using the bikes.
(8) On November 5, 2010, Stacy Sorenson () said:
Love the idea of "guest passes"!! I also very much support the addition of a station at the Midtown Y.
(9) On November 7, 2010, Jeff Z. () said:
Why so few locations in St. Paul? As I understand it, part of this will need to be publicly funded. And these public funds will go towards bicycles for predominately wealthy areas of St. Paul, so folks on Grand Avenue can feel good about not taking the BMW down to Whole Foods and back.
(10) On November 8, 2010, jessica ward-denison () said:
I envision a nice ride station at the Midtown LRT in conjunction with the Midtown Farmers' Market and the Midtown YWCA. Get off the train, shop at the Market & then ride to the Birchwood for lunch.
(11) On November 8, 2010, Mary Arneson () said:
Nice Ride should have a station at the Minneapolis Farmers Market. It is so easy to get there from the Cedar Lake Trail or from downtown, and it will be even easier when the Cedar Lake Trail is completed to the river.
(12) On November 9, 2010, Karin () said:
How about Nice Ride kiosks near the stations along the SW LRT planned along the Cedar Lake bike trail (Bryn Mawr, Kenwood, etc). Take the train, get off, ride a bike to a nearby restaurant or shopping area. Nice Ride is awesome.

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