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Share   |  Posted Dec. 29, 2010 by Bill Dossett, Mitch Vars

In the Fall, Nice Ride hosted six bike share expansion planning workshops in Minneapolis and St. Paul. These workshops were open to the public and each was attended by an average of 35 - 40 people. Approximately 840 location recommendations, along with 560 questions and comments were received. Antonio Rosell of Community Design Group led these workshops and compiled a report recommending locations for 130 additional bike share stations. These recommendations are based on a combination of factors, including the public input, land use characteristics, proximity to transit, and potential funding. Please note that these locations are preliminary. Actual installations will vary based on permitting, site specific considerations (including available space, lighting, and visibility), and funding. Locations in North Minneapolis will be adjusted based on recommendations generated through focus groups.

Nice Ride Minnesota is currently seeking funding from a combination of public and private sources for the Phase 2 expansion. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota spurred our fund-raising efforts by pledging up to $1.5 million towards Phase 2 (contingent on obtaining public funding proportionate to the successful Phase 1 public/private partnership).

Thank you to all who shared their time and ideas to attend a planning workshop!

Download the full report. (11.6MB PDF)
Download the proposed expansion map. (3.6MB PDF)
Download responses to questions and comments from planning workshops. (268K PDF)

5 Previous comments:

(1) On December 29, 2010, Paul Barber () said:
With the expansion is going into less dense areas with kiosks spread further apart, I'm concerned that the program won't be sustainable for the long term.
(2) On January 5, 2011, Lucille () said:
I'm happy to see that there will be some expansion into North Minneapolis, but am sad that most of the expansion seems to be focused on the NorthEast area rather than North.
(3) On January 13, 2011, sammyb () said:
With property taxes going up (the place next to me is being assessed 3% of current market value) and these things losing 10s of thousands of dollars per month, wouldn't it be a better idea to just shut it down altogether? How many police and firemen's job will that save?
(4) On February 16, 2011, Eric Johnson () said:

Remember, the purpose of any transportation option is move goods (people & products). The cost of this transportation option is a pittance compared to other options.

To follow your line of thinking, roads lose millions of dollars per month (gas taxes don't fully pay for the use of roads). Should we shut those down too?
(5) On February 28, 2011, Christina () said:

If you take a peek at page seven of the report, the amount of multi-family housing in NE is way denser than in North. On the other hand there are 2 high-frequency bus routes that go to north Minneapolis, and only one that goes into the NE area. Plus NE has a better chance to utilize the existing stations, since its closer to down town. I think nice ride is great, and want to see it expand to better cover the whole metro, but NE seems to be a more logical first step for expansion.

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