Nice Ride on the North Side : A Second Community Meeting

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Notice of community meeting
Wednesday, January 19, 6pm
Urban Research and Outreach/Engagement Center
2001 Plymouth Avenue North

Nice Ride Minnesota, the non-profit that brought bicycle sharing to Minneapolis this past summer, will hold a second community meeting to reach out to North Minneapolis residents. The meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 19 at 6 PM at the Urban Research and Outreach/Engagement Center (UROC), 2001 Plymouth Avenue in North Minneapolis.

Nice Ride on the North Side is focused on expanding the popular bicycle sharing program into North Minneapolis. Nice Ride's first community meeting in North Minneapolis was held in October. This second meeting is being held to provide feedback on suggestions residents made at the first meeting. Nice Ride will also report outcomes from a series of six focus group meetings held in November and early December.

Nice Ride Minnesota installed three bicycle sharing stations in North Minneapolis in July of last year. Nice Ride will be installing up to eight additional stations this spring as part of its expansion program. Community members who attend the meeting will have an opportunity to recommend locations for these new stations.

Nice Ride's first year of operation (June to November 2010) was successful, according to Bill Dossett, Nice Ride Minnesota's executive director. Dossett explained that the Nice Ride system is most cost effective for users when they become annual subscribers. "During our first season, a total of 1,295 annual subscriptions were purchased, and with 65 stations around the city, over 100,000 bike trips were taken.”

Nice Ride on the North Side is sponsored by the Minneapolis Department of Health and Family Support. It is made possible by funding from the Department of Health and Human Services as part of the Communities Putting Prevention to Work Initiative of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

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(1) On January 27, 2011, danniskjold () said:
I was at a restaurant at Lake Street and Hennepin last night with a friend. We were doing to usual; talking politics, sports and flirting with the waitress. As we were leaving I began flipping thru a magazine and noticed an article on ride sharing bike programs. I pointed it out to our waitress and my friend and I asked her "Is there anything appealing about these that would make you take an interest in a guy you saw riding one?" She quickly responded "No! And I live in Minneapolis! I’ve never ridden one and if I saw a guy riding one of these there's nothing about that picture that would make me say 'Oh, I hope HE asks me out!'"

That about sums these things up, being seen riding one is NOT going to get a guy any dates!
(2) On February 17, 2011, Sam () said:
Well, thank god public policy is not discerned by cute waitresses judging a man by his bike.
(3) On February 27, 2011, adamsmith () said:
It seems that if these people riding bicycles worked harder they could be able to afford to buy a car. I'm not sure if I should feel a bit sorry for them or not. They're kind of sad either way.

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