2011 Season Kicks Off with a Few Issues

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Nice Ride's second season began Friday, April 8 at around 2pm. We're currently experiencing some mechanical issues with some of our equipment. Our crew is working on it and should have things working smoothly soon.

Over the winter all of our locking mechanisms were retrofitted with some new parts. In some cases these parts may be making it difficult to return bikes and properly close rentals. When a rental is not properly closed, the user will be unable to rent additional bikes. In addition, these unclosed rentals may result in billing errors. If you experience trouble renting bikes, or find that you have been billed for Trip Fees in error, contact customer service at 1-877-551-6423. We'll be able to get it fixed and issue a refund where necessary. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. Please bear with us while we address the problem.

Green Light On
Watch for the Green Light

If you're out using Nice Ride, pay close attention to the indicator lights on the bike docks when returning your bike. The green light indicates that your bike has been properly return and the rental is fully closed. If the light doesn't come on, try using more force when pushing the bike into the dock or chose a different dock.

We currently have 56 stations up and running with about 350 bikes in the system. More stations will be coming on line in the next few days and we'll continue to add bikes to the system as demand increases.

Check the map for active stations and bike availability: http://secure.niceridemn.org/map/

  • Several stations on the University of Minnesota campus are being relocated due to LRT construction and should be installed soon.
  • The 8 new stations for North Minneapolis are being assembled now and will also be installed soon.

The following stations have not yet been installed, but watch for them soon:

  • Downtown Library
  • Chicago Ave and 27th St
  • 5th Street & 3rd Ave. S
  • Cedar Riverside LRT
  • Social Sciences (formerly Blegen Hall)
  • Elliot Hall
  • Ackerman Hall
  • McNamara Center
  • Oak Street Ramp

Having trouble finding your station? A few stations have been relocated a small distance, so be sure to check the map.

  • The station located near the Guthrie Theater last year has been moved due to construction and is now in front of the Aloft hotel on Washington Avenue. Look for a second station to be added in that neighborhood in the coming expansion.
  • The station on 5th St. and Hennepin Avenue across from the Lumber Exchange has been moved around the corner on Hennepin.
  • The station on 27th Street and Nicollet has been moved a block south to the new HCMC Whittier Clinic building on 28th Street.

Our subscription sale continues. 1-Year subscriptions are currently just $40 through May 31.

Thank you for using Nice Ride. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact customer service:


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(1) On April 11, 2011, naragansett () said:
Green groups like to go around burnishing their ‘credentials’ but end up alienating the greater community with nonsense like free bike programs. This is unjustifiable waste.

Some erroneously try to equate these programs to public highways and other types of public transportation. Government should limit itself as much as possible to ESSENTIAL services. Roads, streets and highways are about facilitating commerce, police & fire protection, military defense, not just casual getting around. Roads generally can only be provided by some sort of government arrangement.

Free bike programs aren’t about any of that. They’re strictly about recreation & entertainment, not essential services. The current severe recession makes advocating unnecessary programs like this irresponsible.
I, too, am upset about something unrelated to the topic of this post.

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