Software upgrade rescheduled for April 13, 11pm

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We will be upgrading our servers starting at 11pm on Wednesday, April 13. This will result in a temporary service outage. Users will be able to return bikes, but will not be able to rent bikes during the upgrade. The project is projected to take several hours to complete.

In the days following the server upgrade, we'll be also be updating the software running on each of our individual stations. These updates will be performed on groups of 5 stations at a time and will make them unavailable for a period of about an hour. This work will be carried out overnight during periods of low usage wherever possible.

If you have any questions regarding the upgrades or system availability, please contact customer service at 1-877-551-6423.

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(1) On April 13, 2011, wondering () said:
Who's held legally liable should someone get hurt form one of these government owned bikes? That seems like an important issue.
(2) On April 13, 2011, ibran () said:
Probably the same legal responsibilities as any other vehicle utilizing a government-owned road. If someone is hurt, they'll likely be taken to a government-owned hospital in a government-owned ambulance. Should there be any issues regarding cause or fault, that can be debated in a government-owned courtroom.

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