Nice Ride Minnesota Announces Locations for New Stations

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Roepke Public Relations

Nice Ride Minnesota today released a planning map showing the locations of 40 new bike share stations in Minneapolis and St. Paul. These stations-with 500 more shiny, new, green bikes-will begin arriving in the Twin Cities by mid-June. The Nice Ride team will assemble and install the stations as they arrive.

To track the status of these installations, check out the on-line map at The grey "upcoming" symbol indicates the station will be on the street within a few days. As stations are available for use they will appear green on the map. These "active" stations will then show real-time information about available bikes and docks.

The planning map released today also identifies future bike share locations. While funding has not yet been secured for these locations, Nice Ride hopes to secure funding in 2011for up to eleven additional stations in Northeast, on Lake Street, and on the University of Minnesota - St. Paul campus. All locations were selected through a planning and public engagement process led by Community Design Group. Nice Ride will continue its efforts to secure public and private funding for expansion into downtown St. Paul and completion of the Phase 2 Plan in 2012.

With the 73 stations and 700 bikes already on the street, this current expansion will bring Nice Ride to 113 stations with a fleet of 1,200 bikes. Bill Dossett, Executive Director for Nice Ride Minnesota noted the Twin Cities will be neck-and-neck with Washington, D.C., for the bragging rights to the nation’s largest system but he suspects we won’t hold that status very long. "Based on the success in Minneapolis, bike share systems are in the works for many every major cities," said Dossett. "Other cities are realizing the value the bike sharing brings to the area: they are great for short trips in the city, great for health, and great for pocket books. Bike sharing makes an active lifestyle easy for everyone."

Nice Ride's summer 2011 expansion will add great destinations, such as the Northeast Arts District, Gigi's in the CARAG neighborhood, the Capri Theatre on West Broadway, the YWCA at the light rail stop on Lake Street, Cafe Latte on Grand, and Mississippi Market on Dale Street. We'll also extend Nice Ride connections to several St. Paul college campuses, including University of St. Thomas, Macalester College, Hamline University, and Concordia University. And if you want to avoid congestion during the Central Corridor construction, Nice Ride will get you to your University Avenue destination fast!

Today, Nice Ride has more than 2,500 1-year subscribers, almost double the 2010 subscriber base. With the $40 sale - a savings of $20 off the regular yearly price - ending May 31, there has never been a better time to sign up.

Funding for Nice Ride's current expansion comes from several sources: Bike Walk Twin Cities, a program of Transit for Livable Communities focused on increasing bicycling and walking as transportation, contributed another $1 million; Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, our title sponsor , is investing an additional $715,000 in proceeds from the tobacco settlement to improve the health of our communities by combating the obesity epidemic and sedentary lifestyles; the Central Corridor Funders Collaborative contributed $250,000; and the Macalester College High Winds Fund contributed $30,000.

Download the station map ( 2.4 MB pdf)

9 Previous comments:

(1) On May 20, 2011, matt () said:
Great! Keep up the good work. Can't wait for the new stations!
(2) On May 24, 2011, omnibus () said:
These things aren't a success, they're a failure. This program loses money for the city, costs a fortune to operate and has no net tangible benefits to the environment. Plus they're just unattractive looking. The city was sold a bill of goods with this thing.
(3) On May 26, 2011, jerry () said:

Get your facts straight.
(4) On May 26, 2011, spiderleggreen () said:
It's so unsuccessful, it's expanding! Omnibus has many talking points, but not many facts to back up those claims. How much does it cost the city? Not much, because it relies other sources of funding. No tangible environmental benefits? Everytime somebody hops on one of these and not a car the earth sings. Car's aren't environmentally benefical. Ugly? I must say I didn't like the color, but now I'v e changed my mind, because they do get noticed and people know those are Nice Rides. Free advertising!

Thanks Nice Ride for making Mpls/STP a better place!
I am really, really excited that the program is expanding into St. Paul! Thank you to everyone who made that happen!
(6) On May 27, 2011, Haden () said:
I'm so excited that Nice Ride bikes are coming to St. Paul! I see people using them all the time in Minneapolis and can't wait to have them closer to my neighborhood...are any plans in the works for more expansion into east St. Paul?
(7) On June 8, 2011, Beth () said:
I am so excited that Nice Ride is coming to St. Paul! The new stations slated for 2012 would put bikes right in my neighborhood (Highland Park). I'm looking forward to skipping the bus on a nice day and just riding home from work. Hooray!
(8) On June 16, 2011, alex () said:
You say stations will roll out in mid june, but I don't see any of the new stations popping up yet. Is there a problem with getting these stations up? I don't see any of those grey "upcoming" icons on the map yet either.
(9) On June 17, 2011, SunSponge () said:
Omnidufus... good luck in the future. Picking a path of false claims and fact-free assumptions is simply a path designed to scare the uninformed into submission.

I won't buy your ignorance-based philosophy.

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