St. Paul station installation begins June 20

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Nice Ride will begin installing new bike share stations the night of Monday June 20th (if it doesn't rain too much). These installations mark the beginning of Nice Ride's expansion into St. Paul. Four of these new stations will be in St. Paul, Four additional stations will be installed in Minneapolis. The new stations will be located at:

  • 27th Avenue between the Franklin Bridge and the I94 Bridge (27th is a great route to get from the Seward neighborhood to University Avenue)
  • University Avenue at 29th Avenue (near the Overflow Cafe and M-Flats)
  • Territorial Road at Westgate Drive (near the KSTP tower, Dunn Bros. coffee shop, and Metro Lofts)
  • Raymond Avenue at Ellis Avenue (near Baker Court and Keys Cafe)
  • Fairview Avenue at University (near the Griggs Morgan building and 2nd Debut)
  • Snelling and Sherberne Avenues (between CVS Pharmacy and Checkerboard Pizza)
  • Lake Street at 21st Avenue (at the YWCA near the Hiawatha light rail station)
  • Lake Street at 39th Avenue (near the Blue Moon coffee shop and Ace Hardware)

For information on station and bike availability, watch the Nice Ride map or download Spotcycle for your mobile phone.

Crews will continue with wiring and installation of solar panels on Tuesday. The new stations will be available for use later this week. More stations will be rolled out in the coming weeks as additional equipment becomes available. Nice Ride is excited to be in St. Paul!

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(1) On June 20, 2011, Garrett () said:
Might want to recount the number of St Paul stations. The first two listed (at 27th and the one at 29th & University) are both in Mpls if I'm not mistaken.
(2) On June 21, 2011, Common Sense () said:
Why is the city in the bicycle rental business? And why get another $ million in Federal taxpayer money to expand in SW Mpls but no $ for the tornado damage victims in North Mpls? What kind of priorities are those?

PS - Isn't the company that runs this program Canadian? It's not even US company!

Is it no wonder we are having employment problems?
(3) On June 21, 2011, Mitch Vars ( said:
@Garrett - thanks for pointing that out - I've made the correction.
(4) On June 21, 2011, D () said:
THANK YOU NICE RIDE! I'll be using one of the new stations almost every day. One more thing I get to brag about to my friends who live in bigger cities!
We are so excited to have a location near the HPC co-op! It's wonderful to see "greener" options being implemented in the city. We've been waiting for them to come across the river from Minneapolis. Bikes with baskets help to carry groceries home:)
(6) On June 22, 2011, Nick () said:
@Common Sense

I assume you own a car, then? I'll also assume you drove around 12,000 miles last year, and that roughly half of that driving was on City-owned roads.

Now, a 1992 report I found -- and you can safely assume the costs have continued to rise -- concluded that, between market fees not paid by the driver and externalities, $296 billion was paid through non-user fees. This money went toward road expansion, maintenance, enforcement, asthma and other health effects, and a whole host of other things.

Considering the aggregate VMT at the time for that nation was around 2,000,000,000,000 miles, one could safely conclude an average cost/mile of $.148, or 14.8 cents. Keep in mind that this is a figure from 19 years ago, and that costs have done nothing but increase, while taxes and user fees have generally declined against inflation.

12,000 miles/year equates to roughly $1776 per year, paid by someone else on your behalf.

I'll assume that you've been driving for ten years now, and that you've averaged 12,000 miles/year. This equates, then, to $17,760 paid by the local, state, and federal governments, as well as sick children, people with lung disease, the cyclists and pedestrians hit on their way to work, and just about everyone else.

I want my $17,760 back.

Mackenzie, James J., Robert C. Dower, and Donald DT Chen. The Going Rate: What It Really Costs to Drive. Rep. 1992. The Going Rate: What It Really Costs to Drive. World Resources Institute. Web.
(7) On June 22, 2011, Lynette () said:
When is the Macalester Grand Avenue station going to be installed? I bought my key but so far no station.
(8) On June 24, 2011, Independent Biker () said:
Treasury Secretary Tim Geitner says we need to raise taxes on small businesses in order to pay for government and keep it from shrinking. Government programs like Minnesota Free Ride.
(9) On June 24, 2011, kristi () said:
I didn’t realize the stations had arrived on East Lake already. Yay! This changes my entire summer. I can hardly wait to see NiceRide on Marshall and Grand Avenues.
(10) On June 24, 2011, wrfostersmith () said:
@CommonSense and @Independent Biker:

When are you going to realize that NiceRide is NOT a government program? It's a private non-profit supported by user fees along with grants and sponsorships that it wins in competition with many other non-profits.

Put your anti-government rants somewhere else.
(11) On June 26, 2011, Common Sense () said:
World Resources Institute gets $$$ from Soros, and they've gotten a lot of their 'data' and 'facts' from the the University of East Anglia. That pretty much taints anything they advocate.
(12) On June 27, 2011, Heather () said:
Add some closer to St Paul's East Side please!!!! :-)
(13) On June 28, 2011, Amanda () said:
I hope we get a station on the UMN St. Paul campus soon - that would be an awesome way to get to meetings over in Minneapolis on a gorgeous day!
(14) On June 30, 2011, Renee () said:
Very excited to see the expansion to St. Paul! Keep up the good work :) I will be getting a lot more use out of that annual $60 subscription now. You know...the free ride I paid for with my hard earned cash for the second consecutive year.

BTW, @Nick, though I appreciate what you're trying to's best not to feed the trolls ;)
(15) On July 1, 2011, Couseydee () said:
Nice Ride doesn't recieve any tax dollars. It's a sponsorship of local businesses and non-profits.

As someone who doesn't own a car, I appreciate Nick's post. I do though realize that my tax money may be spent on programs that I do not use, such as roads and oil company tax subsidies.
(16) On July 2, 2011, Joan ( said:
where is the Territorial Rd/Westgate stattion? I don't see it on station map but it is listed in above article.

PS This service is great!
(17) On July 2, 2011, Joan () said:
"The new stations will be located at:....Territorial Road at Westgate Drive (near the KSTP tower, Dunn Bros. coffee shop, and Metro Lofts)"

This station does not appear on Nice Ride maps and there is no sign of bikes when I checked in person.
(18) On July 11, 2011, becky () said:
I am all about using the niceride program! I am hope hope hoping that there is soon to be an addition in Highland Park...I live by Hamline University in Saint Paul...and as soon as a HP location is up and running I will gladly pay What it costs to fill up the gas tank ONCE to bike to and
from work from April to November!!! Can't wait!

(19) On August 13, 2011, Conknee () said:
Excited to see more bikes in St. Paul! Yea! Would love to see them along W7th (either Sibley Plaza/Manor or JCC), Highland Village, and UST. Thanks so much for your work. Looking forward to more!
(20) On August 16, 2011, M Fehrenbacher () said:
How about a Nice Ride station at Trader Joe's
at Lexington / Randolph - near the new Jefferson
Ave. / St. Paul bikeway?
(21) On August 27, 2011, Tim ( said:
Yesterday, I encountered a couple from Kansas City who were here on business. They were just raving about how great these NiceRide stations were. They were not able to bring their own bicycles on their trip here, but were able to take a bike tour all around the Lakes, down the Greenway and into St. Paul, where they returned them.

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