Nice Ride now in 95 locations

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Eight more Nice Ride stations were installed earlier this week bringing the total number in the Nice Ride network to 95. These new stations will provide service to new neighborhoods in Minneapolis and fill gaps in the network where demand is highest.

New stations are now available in the following locations:

  • Portland Ave. & Washington Ave.
  • 2nd Street N & Hennepin Ave.
  • 2nd Street N & 8th Ave. N
  • West 32nd Street & Bryant Ave. S
  • West 36th Street & Bryant Ave. S
  • Nicollet Ave. & Lake Street
  • Marshall Street NE & 8th Ave. NE
  • University Ave. NE & 12th Ave. NE

More stations are on the way. We expect to take delivery of additional equipment in early August. This equipment will allow us to continue our 2011 expansion to a total of 116 locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Follow the progress of the Nice Ride system expansion on our map at or watch Twitter for the hashtag #newniceride as each new location comes on line.

15 Previous comments:

(1) On July 21, 2011, Jeremy ( said:
Where are the rest of the stations going this year? I'd love to see one at Folwell Park in North Minneapolis so I can take nice ride to work instead of driving.

(2) On July 21, 2011, Arielle Johnson () said:
This is great news! Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work.
(3) On July 21, 2011, David () said:
Jeremy, I'd love to see Folwell Park too, but the Lowry&Penn Station is pretty close currently. Perhaps 44th and Penn?
(4) On July 22, 2011, Sam () said:
Love the two new locations on Bryant Avenue and am hoping that some of the new stations continue into SW Mpls. It would be great if there were a few stations along Minnehaha Parkway so people could enjoy the parks system a bit more.
(5) On July 26, 2011, jason () said:
what about some stations right by the lakes toward the SLpark side. Also at or near some busy intersections, 6th and nicollet, Hennepin and Lake, etc..
(6) On July 28, 2011, wilson1 () said:
These bikes are for a generation of people who are dependent on the government, sap wealth, and makes America poorer.

(7) On July 29, 2011, Justin () said:
The additional locations on Bryant are great. I'd also like to see locations continue to expand south. A station at 34th or 36th and Hennepin would be perfect.
(8) On August 2, 2011, Paul () said:
The station at 2nd Street N. and 8th Ave N is a huge help ! I work at 7th Ave N and now can use Nice Ride a lot more. Thanks !
(9) On August 3, 2011, l () said:
I'd love to see some stations by lake harriet so you could ride from uptown over to linden hills
(10) On August 4, 2011, Jessica () said:
Thanks for everything! It would be amazing to have a station on the U of M St. Paul campus.
(11) On August 6, 2011, Kristi () said:
Love what you're doing! I'd also like to see a couple more in SW Minneapolis, south of the Bryant and 36th station. Perhaps one near Lake Harriet and one on Nicollet.
(12) On August 10, 2011, peg gawarecki () said:
love to see a rack of bikes north of 394 and Penn maybe by th CenturyLink Building (formally Qwest) 234 employees with an awesome bike trails a Thedorewirth Park.

I also love these bikes and would like to purchase one, do you have any for sale if so plz give me info and if not what is the brand etc.

Love this bike share & Would love one by my work location!
(13) On August 11, 2011, Becky () said:
Nice to see them creeping into St. Paul. Would love to have a station at University and Dale -- maybe at the Rondo Outreach library? Would be a great investment in the Rondo community to have some stations here, especially as the light rail construction makes driving a bit challenging.
(14) On September 30, 2011, Dimitrios Hilton () said:
my neighbors and I would love to see one in ST Paul at Victoria and Grand, this is the heart of that part of Grand Ave....
(15) On October 7, 2011, Steve () said:
Like to see a station at the Quarry Shopping Center -- let us U folks take two wheels to the big boxes and bring home some bacon, lumber, cat food, and a ream of paper.

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