100,000 Rides and Nice Ride keeps Rolling

Share   |  Posted Aug. 17, 2011 by Ellen Apel

The Nice Ride 2010 Season ended with 100,817 rides. Thanks to our subscribers, we have surpassed that number in 2011 and we just keep going! Special thanks to Pam Teerink was our 100,000 rider earlier this month and received some great Nice Ride gear.

As more and more people integrate bike share into their lives and subscriber numbers increase, Nice Ride Minnesota has noticed some great trends in the community.

  • The heaviest usage continues to be in downtown Minneapolis. Kudos to all the riders at the IDS Center, which remains at the top of our usage list. (Shout-out to St. Anthony Main and YWCA Downtown who come in second and third.)
  • Less dense areas are making steps towards integrating bike share into their lives. Nice Ride is now more recognizable to residents as a transportation option.
  • More women are using Nice Ride in what appears to be a stronger engagement in active transportation.
  • More subscribers use Nice Ride to get to meetings or other engagements during the workday.
  • Tourist and conference goers continue to discover Nice Ride as a cost-effective and fun way to travel to popular Twin Cities destinations.

How do you use Nice Ride? We'd love to hear from you. Just email customerservice@niceridemn.org.

6 Previous comments:

(1) On August 18, 2011, Concerned Citizen () said:
This program loses a lot of money. If the city cut it, it would probably save the jobs of a half dozen cops.
(2) On August 24, 2011, Ben () said:
How could you know whether Nice Ride program is operating at a loss? Its more likely this program is not costing the city any money (corporate donations are paying, road system is seeing less congestion and wear, and public health costs go down as you get some exercise in your routine for a change). Give the Nice Rides a try, they are super nice!
(3) On August 25, 2011, Concerned Citizen () said:
I know.
(4) On August 25, 2011, Matthew () said:
Concerned Citizen - I agree that we should try to keep City employees like police on the job doing the good work that makes Minneapolis a great place to live. Nice Ride is an independent non-profit organization, and their employees are not on the City payroll. Therefore, cutting Nice Ride wouldn't save Minneapolis a cent. On the other hand, Nice Ride has been a boost for tourism, positive national publicity, and for downtown employees - all of these things support the Minneapolis economy, and help protect the tax base that pays for police.
(5) On August 30, 2011, fuhrmann () said:
It would be good if Nice Ride gave more information about the costs, sources of revenue, and miles ridden on their web page.
A list of the start up, maintenance, and operating costs vs revenue and sources of income would go a long way to ending uninformed debate on the value of the service based on unknown cost.

If the funding sources are not government, the complainers should contact the sources the they actually support saying that they disagree with the way the source is spending THEIR money.

Overall, I feel that the idea is great. I would love to see who is paying how much for the effort and how much the operating cost is per mile of travel. Is it less than a bus?
(6) On September 11, 2011, Michael Andersen (http://portlandafoot.org) said:
+1 fuhrmann.

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