2012 Nice Ride Season Begins 1st Week of April

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Amazing late-winter weather has everyone clamoring for the return of the green bikes. Nice Ride is on the way! The bikes are ready, we’re training new staff and preparing for our third season. You should see the first of our stations appear on the streets about March 26. We expect to distribute bikes and run a few tests on about April 2. If all goes according to plan, we'll open the system soon after that.

Keep an eye on the station map. Stations appearing in gray have not been installed, stations appearing in red are on the street but not in service, stations appearing in green are in service and ready for use.

Make sure you hang on to your Nice Ride key. If your subscription began in May of last year, your key will remain active until May of this year. When you renew your subscription you'll keep the same key. Renewals are quick and easy, just log in to your account. If you have questions, contact customer service at 1-866-551-6423.

You'll notice a few changes this year:

  • We've switched from "plus tax" to "tax included" pricing.
  • You can now purchase up to four 24hr subscriptions with one credit card.
  • No security deposit for 24hr subscriptions.
  • We're getting bigger!

Nice Ride will be expanding into downtown St. Paul in May and June. Specific locations still being finalized, but soon the green bikes will be seen rolling along streets with names like Kellogg and Wabasha. We'll also be adding additional locations along the river in Downtown Minneapolis.

With support from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, we'll be distributing great looking Nice Ride helmets throughout the summer. Check back for additional detail and places where you’ll have a chance to get one of your own.

20 Previous comments:

(1) On March 21, 2012, Dale () said:
One of the best uses for me was dashing back and forth between the east-bank and west-bank campuses of the University/Fairview's hospitals. I really missed the station that was removed from the (east-bank) hospital plaza last year, and hope it will be restored now that the interfering construction has been completed. Great program in any event ; glad to see it growing!
(2) On March 24, 2012, Chloe () said:
My height is 5 feet 4 inches and the bikes are too high for me even if i lower the seat completely. Is it possible to have a bit smaller bikes? Looking forward to ride on the green bikes again!
(3) On March 25, 2012, Mark () said:
Yeah! I am so excited for the bikes to be back! Bikes in St Paul will be really great too!
(4) On March 27, 2012, Kari () said:
I'd love to see a station at the Metro transit 46th Street and 35W transit station. What a great way for travelers to see our lakes by bike- take the rapid bus to a Nice Ride and head straight down the street.
(5) On March 28, 2012, Erik Hess (http://noisedamage.com) said:
I'm so excited about the Nice Rides being back! Last year they came in handy as a "multi-mode" transit thing. I might bus out somewhere, Nice Ride to my next stop, get a ride from a friend to the next one and take a cab home. As much as I love my own bike, for situations that are fluid and spontaneous, Nice Ride is a great additional travel option.

I just wish there was a station closer to First Avenue, one of my common endpoints.
(6) On March 28, 2012, Mike C. () said:
More bike racks at IDS or nearby, please. Too often last summer 2011, bikes were either cleared out or the reverse problem, there was no parking available. Thank you very much.
(7) On March 28, 2012, Chad Brown () said:
Yes! How we have missed Nice Ride. The North Loop could use one more station along North Washington and Nicollet Mall could use another station around 11th St and also another at IDS. And, closer to YMCA. Keep up the great work. We use te system multiple times a day.
(8) On March 29, 2012, Jeremy () said:
I hope Nice Ride is planning on having some downtown stations up and running next week.
(9) On March 29, 2012, freeride! () said:
Weeeee!!! Free bikes!!

(10) On March 29, 2012, Ldfs () said:
Excited to see the bikes coming back. I've been a subscriber since almost day 1. However, very disappointed and frustrated that there is still no kiosk near the west end of the Washington Ave bridge, as there was the 2010 season. Social Sciences kiosk is too far from the bridge on foot to be very convenient for those cross-river trips.
(11) On March 30, 2012, Cee () said:
I'm also 5'4" and have a tricky time even with the seat as low as it can go. Petite Bikes? Or Kid sizes?

Would love to see some stations in between U of M East Bank and Mac/Grove neighborhood (along E. River Road)...Desnoyer Park? Shriner's? Country Club area?

That huge hill on Summit is a time consumer...could do it in under 30 eventually but not this early in the season!
(12) On April 2, 2012, KT () said:
I'm 5'5" but keep the seat around the 3-4 height. I slide forward sometimes, but I think that has more to do with the seat angle than the seat height.

Love the program and am excited to see it back. Makes living in the city without a car much more convenient! I'm always talking it up to my friends and out of town visitors. Great way to see the city and not have to worry about leaving your bike places.

Would like to see more around the Uptown lakes in the future. In the meantime, I'll get in my scenic rides along the river. :)
(13) On April 2, 2012, Brenna () said:
Love the 2 stations at HCGC! Also biking to & From the YWCA for added cardio is awesome! Keep up the stellar job! Will you be having anymore upcoming promos?
(14) On April 3, 2012, Carmelle Abron () said:
Love the Nice Ride bikes. To Chloe I'm 5'3" and big and I lower the seats and learn to stretch. Have some confidence and hop on girl. Nice Ride I'm glad you're out there and I support what you're about. If you need me to volunteer for any events to promote, I'm there.

- Carmelle
(15) On April 3, 2012, Sara () said:
It would be great to get a station somewhere in the Kingfield neighborhood - by MLK Park would be perfect!
(16) On April 3, 2012, Michelle () said:
I bike to Lake Calhoun all the time since it is so much better than driving (faster, I get exercise doing it, no gas). I would love to be able to bike to Lake Harriet too! It would be great to have a rice ride station near Linden Hills or on the north side of Harriet.

I love Nice Ride, and I'm excited for the season to begin.
(17) On April 4, 2012, zanna () said:
Another comment from a short girl: I'm only 5'0" and I think the NiceRide bikes fit fine. Any well fitted bike requires a hop off the seat to fully stand on the ground and the low center bar allows for easy stand-over. I love NiceRide!
(18) On April 4, 2012, Dale () said:
DEE-lighted that the Mayo Plaza bike station is back; made my first cross-river errand of the year today (between the two University-Fairview hospital campuses). The Riverside re-paving did not provide a curb cutout for access to the bike station, unfortunately. But the NiceRide is faster, more fun and better exercise than the shuttle bus.

I missed a big chunk of last year because of a leg-crush (the tree wouldn't get out of the way), so I was kinda hoping for an early-bird renewal deal again this year. But even at full price, it's a bargain.

I ride to the "U" from Linden Hills on a touring bike, then use the NiceRide for short hops that arise during the day, then take my trusty tourer home. Minneapolis can be a great city for decreasing your dependence on cars!
(19) On April 5, 2012, Nick K. () said:
Glad to see the bikes back, and especially excited to see the expansion in St.Paul!! Hopefully its just a matter of time before even more stations are added. (somewhere south of dwtn. Mpls along either bank of the river, along Ford pkwy and maybe one or two stations in NE mpls. Many people I know who live around those neighborhoods said they would definitely use the bikes if they would be at least a little bit closer than 6-8 blocks away. Also had pedestrians and bystanders quite often ask me about the bikes or how I like them. My response is always positive, and I usually tell them its the best thing that the city has done in recent past. Makes commuting so much easier.
Thanks for keeping it affordable as well!
(20) On May 13, 2012, Becky () said:
I'm not quite 5'3" with short legs and I set the seat at a 2 position for a very comfortable ride. My friend is my same height, a serious biker and also gets a comfortable fit on the nice ride bikes.

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