Where’d My Station Go?

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Each season, some of our station locations change to accommodate construction and also in response to the changing needs of each neighborhood. Nice Ride tries to keep the changes to a minimum and wants you to find your station. Here's an update on this years location changes.


  • U of M: Akerman Hall moved to the Mayo Memorial Building
  • 24th St & Nicollet moved to Blaisdell Ave S & W 26th St
  • 2nd Ave N & 4th St moved to 2nd Ave N & 6th St (closer to Target Field between Butler Square & B Ramp)
  • 2nd Street N & Hennepin Ave moved across the street to Gateway Park
  • Summit Academy moved to N Morgan Ave & Glenwood Ave (by the new Venture North Bike/Walk Center)
  • 29th Ave SE & University moved to 27th Ave SE & University
  • Como Ave & 14th moved around corner to 15th Ave & Como
  • Central Ave NE & 20th Ave moved to Central and 22nd (across from the new NE Library)

St. Paul:

  • Lexington Ave N & University Ave moved kitty-corner across street in front of the Wilder Foundation building
  • Dale St N & University moved across the street on Dale
  • U of M St. Paul: Commonwealth & Cleveland moved down street to Commonwealth & Gortner
  • 206 N Wilder Street will be moved to a location to be determined
  • Victoria Ave N & University will be moved to a location to be determined

For the most up to date station locations, check the map at www.niceridemn.org or download an app for your mobile device at www.spotcycle.net.

5 Previous comments:

(1) On April 15, 2012, Avery Schroeder () said:
We need a site near Grand/Victoria in st paul. When will it be comming?
(2) On April 18, 2012, Jo () said:
I think a site at 21st and Penn Ave S would be helpful to a good number including Kenwood school, the area shops, the LRT when it comes, the residents (who would be more willing to donate , I'd hope, to the bus stop, to the Lakes, etc.

What is your procedure for getting bikes to an area?
(3) On April 20, 2012, Chris () said:
Yep... that Grand and Victoria would be awesome, It's a bit of a bike desert... either Grand and Dale or Grand and Lexington... a full mile apart. Pretty long walk to get to a bike.
(4) On April 24, 2012, Jane () said:
The old location of 2nd Ave N & 4th St was much better than the new one (2nd Ave N & 6th Street). I typically would use this station in the morning, coming from the Northstar train. The new location feels pretty isolated in the morning so I'm concerned from a safety perspective. Also, the most direct route to where I'm going from here puts is first through a fairly isolated area, then on 7th Street, which has a lot of traffic coming off the freeway -- not very bike-friendly. The old station was more out in the open and from there, I could go a block, then bike down 1st Ave N, which has a great bike lane. Any chance of putting a station at the old location? Thanks!
(5) On May 9, 2012, Dawn () said:
I've contacted you before but I thought I would put something on this board as well so that other people can see it and comment. I would like to see several bike stations along the Grand Rounds bike paths. Particularly near Webber Park, near the Victory flagpole, and near North Memorial hospital or Lowry Ave along the parkway. This parkway is made for biking and walking but many people in the area don't have bikes so to make them more accessible would be awesome. Thanks

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