Nice Ride Minnesota Announces Locations for New Stations

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Nice Ride Minnesota today released a map showing planned locations for 30 new bike share stations.  The focus of the 2012 expansion is primarily in downtown Saint Paul.  The 2012 expansion will bring the total number of Nice Ride stations in the Twin Cities to 146, with 1,328 green bicycles in the fleet.  Nice Ride is assembling the new stations now and expects to install by Bike Walk Week, June 2-10, 2012.  The locations on the map are subject to change based on permitting.  A Saint Paul launch event including Mayor Coleman and representatives from Minnesota Department of Transportation, the National Park Service, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota and Nice Ride is tentatively scheduled for Monday, June 4, 2012.

With funding from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota (Blue Cross), Nice Ride is also distributing more than 10,000 bike helmets at events throughout the summer.

Like previous expansions, the 2012 expansion will also be funded through public-private partnership dollars:

  • The National Park Service (NPS) will invest $480,000 this year as part of a pilot project to increase multi-modal transportation connections to the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area.  This 72-mile national park includes both Saint Paul and Minneapolis riverfronts. The NPS plans to fund additional stations along the river in 2013.
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, title sponsor of Nice Ride since the bike share program’s inception, will invest $300,000.  Blue Cross continues to dedicate proceeds from its historic tobacco litigation settlement to improve the health of our communities and combat the harms of obesity by offering more opportunities for people to be physically active.
  • The Central Corridor Funders Collaborative, a group of private funders working to unlock the transformative potential of the new light rail transit line along the Central Corridor between Saint Paul and Minneapolis, will contribute $100,000 for stations near future light rail stops.
  • The Minnesota Department of Transportation is investing $100,000 for stations near the Minnesota Capitol and state employees’ workplaces.  The use of these stations will reduce costs when employees take short trips between state office buildings.  Supporting Nice Ride also contributes to MnDOT’s vision of creating a safe, efficient and sustainable transportation system in Minnesota.

Nice Ride, a local non-profit, also receives operating support from Target Corporation and more than twenty-five local businesses and institutions working to create a healthier, more vibrant urban core.  The Lowertown Future Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation, McNally Smith College of Music, Mississippi Market, and University of St. Thomas are some of the new station sponsors also making the downtown Saint Paul expansion possible.

Nice Ride is all about making it easy to use a bike for short trips in the city—where more than 40 percent of daily trips are less than three miles.  Almost 350,000 trips have been taken on the bikes since the system started in June 2010.  The 2012 expansion will make it possible for anyone to grab a bike at one of several stations in downtown Saint Paul and use it to explore the riverfront at Harriet Island, grab lunch in the District Del Sol neighborhood, squeeze in a workout at the YWCA on Selby Avenue, or shop at the Saint Paul Farmers Market in historic Lowertown.  When the new light rail trains start running, Nice Ride will be ready to take people from any light rail train station to hundreds of destinations between one and three miles from the rail line

Nice Ride is thrilled to collaborate with the National Park Service, Blue Cross and many other organizations on this project and is honored to be the first bike share program recipient of national park funding from The Mississippi National River and Recreation Area.  Bill Dossett, Executive Director of Nice Ride Minnesota states, “In Minneapolis and in cities throughout the world, tourists and downtown workers are using bike sharing systems to reconnect with historic industrial riverfront areas.  This expansion will bring the same connection to Saint Paul, just as recent investments in the Union Depot, Upper Landing, and Harriet Island are transforming the City.”

Nice Ride Minnesota will also be conducting a Membership Drive May 14-27.  People who sign-up for a 1-Year Subscription during that time period will be entered into a daily drawing to award great summer experience packages.  These great packages include VIP tickets to summer music festivals, Twin’s tickets, spa and brunch, theater, museum and much more.

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(1) On May 16, 2012, Kathy Swenson () said:
It's great that Nice Ride is expanding to St. Paul. However I have yet to find a bike lane in downtown St. Paul. People with varying levels of biking abilities will be using the Nice Ride bikes and bike lanes in downtown areas facilitate safer biking.
(2) On May 16, 2012, Dion () said:
We need just one stop in Roseville! at Rosedale Mall, or even HarMar. That way we can bike down to the St. Paul U of M campus and take advantage of the system, or to take advantage of all our great trails here!

Not even a large hub, but a station that could serve 5-7 bikes. I had SO much fun yesterday biking from Calhoun to the St Paul U of M campus, but I wished that I could have biked one more stop closer to my home here in Roseville.
(3) On May 17, 2012, Abby () said:
Minneapolis was voted most bikeable city in the nation! I'm glad to see St. Paul take the first step towards competing for the title. Next up, bike lanes and drivers sharing the road!

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