Membership Drive Day 10: Win an Eat Well package from Seward Co-Op, The Wedge Co-Op and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota.

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Today's Membership Drive prize could completely change the way you live. Really.

That's because we're giving away, to our lucky winner, not just a $50 gift voucher to Seward Co-Op, not just a $60 gift voucher to The Wedge Co-Op, but also, the guided assistance of a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota-registered nutritionist.


The nutritionist will give you the inside scoop on how to get the most out of your grocery shopping - the most value, the most flavor, the most nutrition, the most fun.

Eat well right after your shopping spree at two Twin Cities’ foodie institutions. Eat well for the rest of the summer with the knowledge you've gained. Eat well for the rest of time.

All you need to do is sign up for a new or renewed subscription to Nice Ride today. We’ll put your name in a hat (actually, an upturned bike helmet, for form's sake) and if your name gets picked, voila. If not, your name goes back in the pot for the rest of the Membership Drive's daily drawings.

And seeing as you'll be glowing with health, you'll look especially good in your limited edition Twin Six Nice Ride t-shirt to go with your subscription.

So, sign up now. Have a Nice Ride. And grab summer by the handlebars.

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