The second last day of our Membership Drive - Bring on the Segways!

Share   |  Posted May. 26, 2012 by Dion Hughes

Okay, our 2012 Membership Drive ends tomorrow. So if you've been meaning to and haven't... sign up.

Each day we’ve given away a prize to one lucky new or renewing member. Today's prize may be our oddest, most inspired yet. It's a Segway tour for 4 of the historic Minneapolis riverfront, courtesy of Magical History Tours. After all, the Mississippi is why Minneapolis is here in the first place. So, if you don’t know the river, you don’t know Minneapolis. And if you haven’t seen the river from the comfort of a Segway, well, can you truly say you’ve lived a full life?

The tour includes a stop at the Mill City Museum for complimentary refreshments.

And, all sign-ups today and tomorrow will get a limited edition Nice Ride t-shirt designed by Twin Six. (While supplies last.)

Looks like it's going to rain on and off today. So you'll be inside, wishing you were outside. Make the most of it by signing up for Nice Ride. And set yourself up for the best summer ever.

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