Spring Rollout 2013

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The seasons are changing, whether the snow on the ground likes it, or not.  Although it barely feels like it, the time for green bikes is quickly approaching.   We will begin installing Nice Ride stations across the Twin Cities as soon as the snow banks melt.  If mother nature cooperates, we aim to have the system up and running by the first week of April.  

More stations! With the help of the National Park Service and Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Minnesota, we will be adding over 20 new stations throughout parks and recreational areas in the Twin Cities.  Keep an eye out for those new stations around mid-May.  We’re excited to be able to offer even more places to visit and bike during your warm weather adventures.  

Log in to NiceRideMN.org to make sure your subscription is still active, or get signed up if you’re not already! Annual subscriptions last a full calendar year, so you’ll be able to ride from the moment we turn on the system.  

We’re really happy to bring you a bigger, better Nice Ride this Spring - and none of it would be possible without you; our incredible members and our awesome supporting sponsors.  Thank you and happy riding!

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(1) On March 8, 2013, Beth () said:
Can you add the new stations to the map? I'd love to see where they will be!
(2) On March 27, 2013, Robert () said:
Is there a list/map of where the new stations will be installed?

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