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Every year Nice Ride Minnesota creates and distributes over 55,000 pocket maps to help riders locate our 170 stations spread across the Twin Cities.  They can be found in store fronts and businesses all over town like coffee shops, bike shops and more.  Although we work incredibly hard to ensure the accuracy of those maps, unfortunately we're only able to print them twice per year - once for Spring and another for Summer.  We occasionally have to relocate a station due to construction, street closure or other unforseen circumstances.  It doesn't happen often - but alas, there is good news: you already have the most current station map right in your pocket.

Readers, friends, meet Spotcycle.  Spotcycle is a mobile app that is available on your Android, iOS, or Blackberry smartphone.  It offers a unique set of useful features for every type of Nice Rider - whether you're using a 24-Hour subscription or you're an annual member it's worth checking out.  Spotcycle shows up to the minute locations of every station in our system, how many bikes are available at each station, and how many empty spots are available for you to dock your ride.  There's even a convenient trip timer to help you keep track of the 30 minute free trip limit.  Some versions of the app even allow you to track trips and see suggested routes from other users in the area.  

Spotcycle is available for FREE in the iTunes app store, Android or Blackberry app markets

Find out more directly on the spotcycle website, or search for 'Spotcycle' on your smartphone. 

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