Members Get 60 Minutes, New Pay-As-You-Go Membership

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Become A Member, Get More Time

We’ve heard from you and we’re making Nice Ride membership fit your lifestyle - we’re doubling the amount of free time you get to ride. All 1-Year and 30-Day Pay-As-You-Go Members will have a full 60 minutes of free time on every trip. The additional time only applies to memberships purchased online, so make sure to sign up online to get an additional 30 minutes. Nice Ride is an easy, convenient way to get where you need to go - just grab a bike and go, no worries, no problems. 

New, 30-Day Pay-As-You-Go Membership

Want a little less commitment in your life? Our new 30-Day Pay-as-you-go Membership was made for you. Pay $15 and get a Nice Ride key and access to the green bikes for 30 days. Hold on to your key after that initial 30-day period ends because your Pay-as-you-go Membership is ready again when you want it. When you want to ride, just insert your key at any dock to automatically reactivate your membership. You will be charged $15 and instantly get access to the bikes for another 30 days. No waiting, no hassle.

Not Sure You’re Ready For Membership?

You can try Nice Ride by walking up to any station and purchasing a 1-Day or 30-Day pass with a credit card. Keep in mind, passes have the standard 30-minute usage fee schedule. Want more time? Become a member online!


9 Previous comments:

(1) On April 10, 2014, Abdi () said:
woow That will make life much easier thanks nice ride you guys are the best
(2) On April 10, 2014, Ivan ( said:
The new 60 minute trip times is awesome! Do existing members need to do anything to do anything to do anything to enable the longer allowed trip times?
(3) On April 10, 2014, kristi () said:
You mean sixty minutes with no trip fees? That is jaw-droppingly awesome.
(4) On April 11, 2014, Bart () said:
This seems confusing. "The additional time only applies to memberships purchased online, so make sure to sign up online to get an additional 30 minutes."

How do I know if my subscription qualifies for 60 minutes free per ride? How else can you buy an annual membership other than online?
(5) On April 11, 2014, Kristen ( said:
That's terrific news! Thanks!
(6) On April 11, 2014, Charles Robinson () said:
Bart -

Even for people using the system for just one day, that's called a "1-day membership" - so EVERYONE who uses the bikes (even when the time is purchased with a credit card at the kiosk for a single day's use) has technically got a "membership".

The "online" memberships, though, give you the keyfob to use right at the bike dock, rather than "swipe credit card to unlock the bike" that the daily people use, and I'll wager it's that fob which distinguishes you as the "membership purchased online" kind of person.
(7) On April 13, 2014, Jeff Benusa () said:
That's GREAT! I can get to where I need to go without the side trips to check in a bike and then immediately check it out again. Great work NiCE RiDE!
(8) On April 14, 2014, Anthony () said:
Both wonderful improvements to the program. I love NICE RIDE!!
(9) On April 21, 2014, Ashok () said:
Today I got my 30 day Pass at Bike station, it was wonderful experience i had. I appreciate Nice Ride team for providing this facility across city.

As it is new I found little difficult to find stations near by with in 30 min duration, just now i got to know about 1 hour duration if pass taken online. Please let me know if i can change my validity to online by subscribing or will it be charged again for 30 days if i subscribe for 30 days?

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How do I return a bike?

Push the front wheel of the bike firmly into the bike dock until the green light on the dock comes on. The green light indicates that the bike is locked and properly returned. If the red light on the bike dock stays on, remove the bike and try another empty bike dock. The bike remains your responsibility until it is properly returned.