7 Reasons The 30-Day Membership Works For You

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60 Minutes Per Trip1) 60 minutes per trip.

When a pass is purchased from a station, time without usage fees is limited to 30 minutes per trip. Sign up online for the 30-Day Membership and get a full 60 minutes per trip with no usage fees. All the benefits of the 1-Year Membership wrapped into a 30-day package.

2) It's inexpensive.

Sign up online and get 30 days of unlimited 60-minute trips for just $15 bucks. For less than a sit-down lunch, get 30 days of convenient, worry-free transportation. These green bikes have been around for 5 years and this is the deal of the semi-decade - it’s time to give it a try.

The Nice Ride Key

3) The key.

The key is the most convenient, fastest way to use Nice Ride and it’s included with your 30-day membership. After signing up, we’ll mail you a key. Stick it into a dock next to any Nice Ride bike and two seconds later you’re riding. It’s ridiculously easy and makes using the system even more fun. 

4) It doesn’t auto-bill if you don’t use it.

While this is a 30-day-at-a-time membership, this isn’t Netflix or Spotify. We’re not going to keep billing you unless you’re actually using Nice Ride. There’s no auto-bill that occurs monthly if you don’t use the system. Don’t like it? Stop using it. Once your 30-day membership expires, we won’t bill you again until you’re ready to use it.

5) It's ready when you are.

So your 30-day membership just ended - what now? You’ve realized that Nice Ride is easy going, friendly yet effective. Nice Ride is the kind of transportation partner you have been looking for. Keep the key on your keychain and when you're ready, use it to take out a bike. That buys you a new 30-days for $15 bucks. Rinse, repeat, enjoy.

6) On your schedule.

We have over 4,000 1-year members that use our system to get around all the time between April and November. If that’s not your style, the 30-day membership is for you. Get all the benefits of membership 30-days at a time during the months you’ll use it most.

Upgrade Ready7) Upgrade any time.

We may have started out light-hearted and fun, but after a few months - things got serious. After a few 30-day membership periods you realized that it’s time to take our relationship to the next level. Give us a call at 877-551-6423 and we’ll help you upgrade your key to a 1-year membership for $65.00. For people who ride more than 4 months out of the season, it’s the best deal.


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