Bungeegami : The Art of Bike Share Cargo Carrying

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Lesson 1: The Long, Oddly Shaped Thing

Every now and then it is required to carry something out of the ordinary. This uses a fairly standard technique pulling the bungee cord over the cardboard tube, securing it in place with the bottom two pins. The trick here, is adding tension to the cord by bringing the center of the bungee up to the top center pin. This strategy might not work with say, a golf club:

Poster Tube


Lesson 2: The Thing With Lots of Straps

One simple fact has been maintained by scholars throughout bike share history: straps on various forms of bags and rapidly spinning wheels do not mix. It is critical to securely bungee any loose straps in the front rack that may interfere with the front wheel's ability to do its job, which most commonly is to rotate freely. Start by crossing/compacting the straps on your bag like so:

Cross the Straps

Once you have completed this step, ensure that no straps are dangling down below the basket. If something is still loose, use the bungee to strap it down along with your bag on the top or middle pins - note this exceptional demonstration by Nice Ride Intern Davis:

Strap it down


Lesson 3: (Advanced Bungeegami) - The Water Bottle

The introduction of a 60 minute time limit per trip for members means that you may work up a thirst during your ride. Utilize this advanced strategy to securely hold your water bottle in the front rack. Feel free to use your own variations depending on the size of your bottle and please remember, this method is not for beginners and should only be done once completely comfortable with lessons 1 and 2. Begin by pushing the entire bungee through (from the rider's perspective) the leftmost opening in the front rack. Secure the bungee around the three closest pins and pull back through the top of the leftmost opening:

Water Bottle Step 1

Grab your water bottle and insert it carefully into the loop you made in step 1 and proceed down through the bungees below. Continue until the bottom of your water bottle touches the metal bars fully:

Bottle Step 2

We do not recommend doing this with any highly malleable or delicate drinking vessels or glassware. Please do not attempt with any hot liquids, coffee or anything that may injure you. We cannot guarantee the safety of any item stored in the front rack, but we tested this one as well as we could:

Shake test

 To try these bungeegami strategies or create your own, become a Nice Ride member for just $15 and give it a try. 




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