2015 Nice Ride Launch!

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The early spring has Nice Ride's pedals cranking earlier than expected and things are rolling ahead! Nice Ride is currently targeting an April 1st system launch, and will be working over the next week and a half to deploy stations across the Twin Cities. 

Nice Ride is expecting delivery of 20 new stations for 2015, bringing the total to 190 stations for the year. The stations are expected to be deployed mid-season, with the addition of 200 bikes to fill those stations. 

The 2014 pass and membership costs will be maintained for the upcoming season: $6 for a 24-hour pass and $15 for a 30-day pass available at any Nice Ride station - explore membership options online at NiceRideMN.org. The usage fee structure will be simplified and improved: Going forward, usage fees will be a flat $3 for each 30 minute period after the included trip time. More information about how bike share pricing works can be found on the pricing page.

If you have questions, find us on Twitter, Facebook, or email us at customerservice@niceridemn.org

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(1) On March 17, 2015, Leah () said:
yay, just renewed my membership! When will you be sharing locations for the new stations? (48th and Chicago please!!)
Great to hear that the system will be expanding again this year! When will we find out where the new stations are going?
(3) On March 17, 2015, Marty () said:
I have heard from several people wanting more bikes in South MInneapolis. Considering the crowds I have been speaking with, I think a station at 48th and Chicago would please a lot of people.

(4) On March 18, 2015, Stephen () said:
I would like to know the process for determining the installation of the 20 new stations. More stations are always more welcome. I am wanting to adovcate for some of those stations to be located along Park or Portland Avenues, which are major one-way, bike lane dedicated, north-south arteries. I am a Nice Ride member and live near 36th and Park. I would especially appreciate a station to be located in that vicinity. Thank you!
(5) On March 20, 2015, Karin Ciano () said:
I've been talking with folks in Bryn Mawr - how about a station in our neighborhood business district at Penn and Cedar Lake Road?
(6) On March 20, 2015, Tony () said:
Now that you're down as far as Fort Snelling, it'd be really nice if one could go all the way to say, the Airport, Mall of America, or Twin Cities Premium Outlet Shopping Center. I realize you're down into Eagan/Bloomington territory at that point, but it'd still be a Nice Ride. Just sayin,
(7) On March 20, 2015, Sarah () said:
A station at cedar lake road and penn ave in Bryn Mawr please!!! Close to downtown and target field as well as the lakes!!
(8) On March 21, 2015, DonJ () said:
Triangle Park at 25th Ave and Franklin Ave! There used to be one there and it seems the number of stations on East Franklin (E of Hiawatha) shrank from 3 to 2.
(9) On March 28, 2015, Joyce Fitzgerald () said:
I would love to see more stations around the West 7th area of St. Paul.

Thank you for your work to expand and improve every year!
(10) On March 31, 2015, AJ () said:
love to see a location at 48th& chicago, so many trails nearby! Would be good for commuters.
(11) On April 16, 2015, Ben () said:
Adding to the votes for Bryn Mawr at Penn Ave. and Cedar Lake Road! This little hamlet would love to see Nice Ride and it would probably yield a healthy number of new subscribers.
(12) On April 22, 2015, Jennifer () said:
I live in South Minneapolis and agree with folks above who recommend/request a future Nice Ride station at 48th & Chicago! It is a great neighborhood business district with bike lanes & high-frequency transit connections. Good connections to nearby trails and other on-street bike routes as well. I know a lot of thought goes into planning the Nice Ride system. Thanks for all you do!

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Am I required to wear a helmet?

While it's not required, Nice Ride recommends that everyone wear a helmet. Keep a helmet at work or in your locker. Freewheel Bike offers 20% off Trek helmets to all Nice Ride Subscribers (bring your Nice Ride key or a receipt from any Nice Ride station). Pick-up a helmet at Freewheel's West Bank store or the Freewheel Midtown Bike Center