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Happy Nice Rider

This year, we made some major changes to our employer benefits program and we’re offering more than ever for employer and university groups that want to provide deeply discounted 1-year memberships to eligible group members. One of our newest group program members Software for Good had some great things to say about the program:

“The Software for Good team is big into biking, and we’re always looking for new and different ways to support the wellbeing of our team. Healthy, happy people make healthy, happy and productive employees! Programs like this are a win for everyone.”

The benefits of bike commuting to work and school have been shown in a multitude of ways, but that’s not all bike sharing has to offer. When parking in a ramp downtown, Nice Ride is a great way to get to many different lunch destinations that wouldn’t be accessible by walking. Heading to that after-work happy hour with colleagues? Hop on a Nice Ride without worrying about finding another parking spot during rush hour traffic.

For 2015, we’ve moved the entire signup process online with a brand new, easy to manage registration process. Your organization will select a secret discount code to be provided to eligible employees and students. A program administrator at your organization will receive an email every time someone signs up using the secret discount code which makes facilitating and managing the benefit easy and efficient.

We’re stepping up to invest in the success of your benefits program as well, by contributing a $15 discount per eligible employee or student that registers for the program. We ask that the organization joins the program at the $15 level or higher to take advantage of this discount. That makes a 1-year membership to Nice Ride just $35 for members of your group, or even less depending on the organization’s contribution.

We can already tell it’s going to be a fantastic season here in the Twin Cities, so join us for a great spring and summer of active living. Take a look at the group membership page to see more information about how the program works and how to request a signup form.

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(1) On April 25, 2015, Zach () said:
Amazing service and idea. Would like to convey my gratitude and endorsement on a job well done. Thanks again.

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How do I return a bike?

Push the front wheel of the bike firmly into the bike dock until the green light on the dock comes on. The green light indicates that the bike is locked and properly returned. If the red light on the bike dock stays on, remove the bike and try another empty bike dock. The bike remains your responsibility until it is properly returned.