1,700 Shiny Green Bikes Coming Back in the First Week of April

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It's getting busy at Nice Ride headquarters.  Look for stations to reappear in your neighborhood in the third week of March. Nice Ride techs will follow, connecting the wires and distributing the bikes, aiming for a start on or shortly after April 4th. We'll start the season with 190 stations in Minneapolis and St. Paul. In mid-summer, we plan to install eight new stations serving the University of Minnesota campus, Dinkytown, and Stadium Village. Bike sharing has been a huge success in this area. More stations are needed to meet demand created by new transit-oriented apartments and businesses.

Nice Ride will offer new pricing options for walk-up users this season. Systems in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Milwaukee have found success keeping it simple, letting customers rent a bike at a flat rate. Nice Ride walk-up customers will have two options: pay a flat $4 per half hour or buy a 3-day pass for $10. 3-Day pass-holders can take unlimited 30 minute rides. Longer trips will incur fees.

Nice Ride expects that our riders average cost per ride will decrease under this system. Simpler pricing will encourage more people to ride, increasing both rides and financial sustainability for the non-profit.

One-year and 30-day Pay-as-you-go membership options will continue for people who want more rides at a lower price. Members can take unlimited 60-minute rides. Later this spring, Nice Ride will launch a new app, allowing anyone to rent a bike in seconds on their phone, without ever using a pay station. In the future, Nice Ride plans to integrate with other urban mobility alternatives, making it easy to use bike share, car share, and transit seamlessly.

Nice Ride will continue to explore new ways to put more people in more places on bikes, continuing the successful Nice Ride Neighborhood program in North Minneapolis, Phillips, Frogtown, St. Paul's East Side, and exploring new approaches to cycling encouragement in Rochester.

From the day the first biked rolled down Nicollet Mall in 2010, through five expansions and over 1.75 million rides, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota has been our title sponsor and largest supporter, using funds from the historic lawsuit against the tobacco companies that they commit to improve the health of all Minnesotans by tackling the leading root causes of preventable disease: tobacco use, lack of physical activity and unhealthy eating. 

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(1) On March 15, 2016, Stephen Kupris () said:
Looking forward to another beautiful season of Nice Riding in the sun!

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How long can I take a bike out?

Bike sharing is designed for short trips. Trips over 30 minutes will incur usage fees. You can take a bike out for a maximum of 24 hours. After that time, the bike will be considered lost and a replacement fee will be charged to your credit card.