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Nice Ride Minnesota is excited to announce the release of its new smartphone app, Nice Ride Bike Share. With the app, riders now have access to everything they need to navigate their bike sharing experience - all from the convenience of their mobile phone.

With support from title sponsor Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, the app launches as part of Nice Ride Minnesota's commitment to delivering technology improvements that provide better customer experiences. Riders can use the app to locate the nearest Nice Ride stations, rent and unlock bikes, and see real-time dock and bike availability. Nice Ride Bike Share also lets users purchase or renew memberships and manage their accounts while on the go.

"Our customers have spoken and we are thrilled to answer their call for greater convenience and more real-time information with our comprehensive new app," said Director of Customer Service Melissa Summers. "Nice Ride Bike Share supports our riders' active lifestyle and makes healthy, environmentally-friendly transportation even more accessible to Twin Cities residents and visitors."

Also made possible by support from the Target Corporation, Nice Ride Bike Share offers other helpful features. Riders can plan bike friendly routes using built in maps, track recent trips and distance traveled, and access unique insights into gas savings and CO2 reduction. The app's timer also makes it easy to monitor travel time and helps riders avoid usage fees.

Nice Ride Minnesota looks forward to integrating Nice Ride Bike Share and its unlocking functionality with other multi-mode apps.

Nice Ride Bike Share was developed by 8D Technologies and is available now as a free download from Apple iTunes and the Google Play Store.

About Nice Ride Minnesota

Nice Ride Minnesota is the nonprofit organization that operates the Twin Cities bike sharing system. With more than 1,700 bikes and 190 stations throughout Minneapolis and Saint Paul, our mission is to enhance the quality of our urban life by providing a convenient, easy-to-use bike sharing program that will provide residents and visitors with a healthy, fun, and reliable way to get around town. We are part of a growing community of people and organizations working for active lifestyles, vibrant cities, and livable public spaces. We're helping build that community by making it easy for everyone to ride a bike and to feel safe and welcome while riding. Learn more at www.niceridemn.org.

4 Previous comments:

(1) On June 12, 2016, Stephen () said:
Useless without a Windows app.
(2) On June 20, 2016, Lou () said:
The app is great and much better that the previous 2010 app. It tells you the number of bikes or docks in one view and the keyless function lightens my keychain, especially since I live out of town and use it sparingly.
(3) On June 29, 2016, karen () said:
Just downloaded app - seems great, love being able to see how many bikes at various stations.

I bought an annual membership for first time thru it - and am excited to use it even before I get a key, or not even have to use key.

Was a little annoyed when it asked for birth date and couldn't just type in - calendar popped up and I was trying to swipe right or left and nothing, finally figured I had to swipe up and down. Then it took an interminable amount of swiping to get to my birth date in the early 60s. Yeah, I know I am old but still, did you have to put default birth date for a 16-year-old?!?!?

Thanks this will be great for planning "play" trips on the fly
(4) On July 24, 2016, Bob-RJ Burkhart () said:
Underwhelming F1RST encounter with Nice Ride (Bike Sharing) Program & high hassle App Store download of correct version of what proved to be crippleware!
Why don't you provide QRCode to scan for correct App Store address?

Developer & project sponsor FAILED to perform usability & reliability testing!
Computer (iPhone) Human Interface (CHI) standards were ignored by using white letters on lime green background that has inadequate contrast ...

Prompting for promotion code with limited time $2.50 offer is logic error!
Scanning credit card after manually entering CC-Info locks up App ...
Rebooting after App lock up requires rekeying CC-Info & scanning bypass.

Subscribe to HELP (Hassle Elimination Learning Process) before having clients perform your new software beta testing in outdoor setting with bright sunlight!

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Am I required to wear a helmet?

While it's not required, Nice Ride recommends that everyone wear a helmet. Keep a helmet at work or in your locker. Freewheel Bike offers 20% off Trek helmets to all Nice Ride Subscribers (bring your Nice Ride key or a receipt from any Nice Ride station). Pick-up a helmet at Freewheel's West Bank store or the Freewheel Midtown Bike Center