Putting the "Nice" in Nice Ride: Getting to know Jason

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Jason, with his warm demeanor and calm voice, is always ready to answer customer's concerns and to find solutions. Biking is part of Jason's regular routine; before he worked at Nice Ride, he loved riding the green bikes for recreation or for meeting friends for dinner. When he saw the job posting for a customer service position, Jason jumped at the chance - and the rest (three seasons ago) is history.

With his easy laugh, Jason handles every call with gentle humor and grace. He admits that he enjoys assisting people who want to learn more about Nice Ride. He always comes from a place of empathy; he says that interacting with people "allows me the opportunity to relate to anyone."

Jason has also taken on other roles at Nice Ride. A few years ago, he was featured on a news segment about transportation options to get to Twin Cities Pride. He talked about Nice Ride and how easy it is to use to get to the festival. Being an employee at Nice Ride means "that we are all valued, and are given opportunities to promote the system in many different ways."

Like much of the staff of Nice Ride, Jason believes that bike share is changing the way our city interacts. He is proud of the work that the staff is doing at Nice Ride, and loves the "opportunity to educate people on how our system works and why bike share matters." Jason is an integral part of the organization and looks forward to helping Nice Riders for many seasons to come.

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(1) On May 22, 2017, Cheryl Miller () said:
Great article about a great company and a great guy. Love the green, eco aspect of bike share.
(2) On August 23, 2017, HAnnah () said:
Jason, I am trying to learn how to ride a bike again after 40 plus years since my last ride. The bike share program here in MD has bikes that I can't control since they weigh 30+ pounds. Are your bikes lighter?
I'll be completely up later this week and staying through Labor Day.
Training wheels would probably help ! Joking, maybe!! Nn
(3) On October 25, 2017, Laureen Bodin (http://ci.buffalo.mn.us) said:
Jason, our City is applying for a grant to provide a similar program to Nice Ride, on a much smaller scale. Would you be able to share where you purchased bicycles, and the stations?

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