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  • Pedaling Forward: Nice Ride Neighborhood Gains Momentum In Year Two

    Continuing from a successful pilot year, the Nice Ride Neighborhood program is back in North Minneapolis, Frogtown, and East Side St. Paul, and has added an additional neighborhood to the roster with a small pilot based in Little Earth of United Tribes.

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  • Why Bike Share Is Great For Bike Owners

    Oh, you already have a bike? We know. This is the Twin Cities after all, isn't it? Minneapolis recently ranked as a top 20 cycling city in the world, in fact, the only American city to ever make the list. That’s a pretty big deal and things are only going up from here, considering the newly adopted protected bikeways plan. Naturally, you'd have a bike - but here's the thing: So do 70% of our annual members! There are tons of reasons why a bike share membership makes sense even if you have a bike at home. If you think having a bike means you don’t need a Nice Ride membership, here are seven reasons given by our bike-owning members:

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  • Adding 20 New Stations to The Nice Ride System

    Nice Ride is thrilled to announce the addition of twenty new bike sharing stations for the 2015 season. Over the next three to four weeks, new stations will be rolled out in small groups to their predetermined locations. Updates will be provided through Nice Ride’s Twitter and Facebook accounts as the stations hit the streets.

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  • Nice Ride Bike Sharing How To Video

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