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  • Meet Alasdair: Operations Associate at Nice Ride

    “We’ll put four bikes in University East Bank, four bikes in Hennepin & Central, and four bikes in Washington & Marquette,” Alasdair McKernan says as he takes a seat inside one of Nice Ride’s white Ford Rangers.  “Sounds good, dude,” replies a voice over the push-to-talk network.  At only a little after 8:00 AM, the urban rush is just beginning.  Yet Alasdair has already been across downtown and the North Loop, taking bikes in and out of Nice Ride stations to keep up with the constant flow of commuters.

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  • Meet Marisa: Community Partners Coordinator at Nice Ride

    If you’re skeptical about whether Nice Ride is for you she will tell you how convenient it is, how she rides with friends and then recommend routes on the poster-sized map in front of her, not once revealing the journey she took to be there.  Unless, of course, you ask.

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  • Bungeegami : The Art of Bike Share Cargo Carrying

    Whether a beginner or long time bike share user you may be wondering about how to effectively use the Nice Ride front rack. With appropriate training and practice directed by this bungeegami guide you too can effectively carry anything you may need to get from A to B.

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  • Meet Will: Customer Service Representative at Nice Ride

    A casual cyclist in college, Will began riding more seriously when he moved to the Twin Cities.  Now Will’s main form of transportation is a Surly Pugsley, an all-terrain bike just as hardcore as he is.  Becoming a bike commuter was an easy choice for Will.  With paths like the Greenway and the Hiawatha Trail, Will finds getting around on two wheels easier than driving.

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