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  • Orange: A New Outreach Effort from Nice Ride Minnesota

    Nice Ride Minnesota is pleased to announce the launch of its newest initiative: the Nice Ride Neighborhood Program. Utilizing the same orange bikes that hit the streets in Bemidji last month, this pilot program will be working to provide a resource for creating 140 new cyclists in the neighborhoods of North Minneapolis and Frogtown/East St. Paul.

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  • Meet Angie: Lead Mechanic at Nice Ride

    With 1,500 Nice Ride bikes on the streets and an average of around 2,400 rides taken on the green cruisers each summer day, the bikes see their share of wear and tear.  When a bike needs to be repaired Nice Ride users press the red wrench button on each bike dock alerting the operations staff to pick it up and bring it to Angie.

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  • An Offer He Couldn't Refuse

    Commitment-Free Commuting

    After a long day at work at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, Ned Brooks stopped at the original Dunn Bros on Grand and Snelling to grab a quick cup of Joe with me.  Chipper as ever, Ned’s enthusiasm for Nice Ride radiated across the table, mingling with the scent of fresh beans to create an energy any Minnesotan could be proud of.

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