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  • New Initiatives in Greater Minnesota

    At Nice Ride, we hear from people all over Minnesota. They want to make it easy and convenient to get a bike in their home towns. For the last four years, our focus has been on the Twin Cities urban core. With the support of our title sponsor, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, Nice Ride is beginning a new Greater Minnesota Initiative.

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  • Nice Ride Employer Partnership Program

    With stations spread across Minneapolis and St. Paul, Nice Ride Minnesota is one of the largest, best-run and best-recognized bike sharing systems in the country.  Twin Cities businesses stand uniquely poised to take advantage of Nice Ride's services and popularity through our Employer Partnership Program.  

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  • Take MetroTransit to Northern Spark, then Grab a Nice Ride!

    Tonight is Northern Spark and it happens to be in Lowertown, St. Paul this year.  We'd highly encourage you to go, as it's an incredibly fun time with lots of beautiful, interactive art.  But don't take our word for it, check out the schedule and information here:

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