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  • Nice Ride now in 95 locations

    Eight more Nice Ride stations were installed earlier this week bringing the total number in the Nice Ride network to 95. These new stations will provide service to new neighborhoods in Minneapolis and fill gaps in the network where demand is highest.

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  • Nice Ride Subscriber Appreciation

    On July 11, 2011, Nice Ride Minnesota hit 75,000 rides for the season. Our 2010 season totaled a little over 100,000 rides. Can we double that number in 2011? Only with your help!

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  • Shiny new bikes just arrived

    With all the new stations coming on-line and usage of the Nice Ride system higher than ever, it's definitely time to add more bikes. The first truckload containing over a hundred of those shiny new bikes arrived today.

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  • More stations coming July 4th weekend

    Six more Nice Ride stations will be installed over the weekend. Two were placed on Friday night and should be coming on line Saturday. The remaining 4 will be placed on Saturday night.

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