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Here at Nice Ride we are constantly receiving feedback regarding station placement and do our best to take that information into account every season.  By compiling the requests from Nice Ride members we combine that information with the usage information in different areas to find the best places to position the stations.  Now, we've created a brand new way to provide direct requests and suggestions for station placements.  You can now suggest and then rally community support for Nice Ride stations anywhere within the Twin Cities.  Click here: Nice Ride Station Suggestion Map to view the tool and give it a try.  You will need to sign in, but anyone can create an account and suggest a location.  

Blue Dots represent stations that already exist.  Orange/Yellow stations are locations that have already been suggested - if that is the case, click on the station and 'like' it in order to show your support for that location.  Below is some more information to keep in mind regarding station placement: 

A typical Nice Ride station is at minimum 52 feet long by 5-1/2 feet wide. The location needs to be level, and preferably on a hard surface.  Bike share works best where there is high-density, mixed-use development. Stations should be located no further than 1/2 mile apart from each other, preferably closer. The best locations have easy access to other bike infrastructure like bike lanes and paths, as well as public transit like buses and trains. Modern bike share equipment is costly; adding a single station and bikes to the system costs about $45,000 with ongoing costs of approximately $5-8,000 per year. As a non-profit, Nice Ride depends on a public/private partnership for funding for new bicycles and stations. Funding is often tied to specific areas and goals which determine when and where we are able to site new stations.
Enjoy the new placement suggestion tool and happy riding!

9 Previous comments:

(1) On July 24, 2013, Stephen Kupris () said:
I was disappointed to see that the Nice Ride station at Franklin and Hennepin was set back to 22nd and Dupont. Please return it to the Franklin and Hennepin location! It makes for easier access to the bike path along Bryant and the Greenway to Downtown! Please, thank you!
(2) On July 24, 2013, Nina Person () said:
I would LOVE for you to post bike stations along the Midtown Greenway. It'd be a great alternative to riding - whether to a specific destination or simply for fun - without having to take the streets all the time.
(3) On July 31, 2013, Andy () said:
So, we have to create an additional account and username to use this? Why is it not tied to the NiceRide account? Or is it? This is confusing.
(4) On August 1, 2013, Steve () said:
waiting for NiceRide to fill the void in South Minneapolis. How about a station at 39th or 48th and Chicago? Or both?
(5) On August 2, 2013, Bill Andre () said:
Wish we could get a station right at target /cub area off lake st. Hauling them sacks is a drag.

(6) On August 7, 2013, Ari Jensen () said:
I agree on the move of the Hennepin/Franklin Station. If it was an issue with the local businesses in that specific spot, were there not other alternatives (Scottish Rite Temple parking lot, etc.)? That station's proximity to the highway overpass was tremendously helpful for commuting to downtown.
(7) On August 17, 2013, Gary Shepson () said:
I would like you to return the station to Nicollet and 24th. By the McDonalds. It was the most convenient
(8) On August 19, 2013, Linda Ruecker () said:
Stations are needed on the West Side above the "flats". Stryker Avenue, or at the top of the High Bridge. Right now if you are taking a bike anywhere on the hill you have to go down to the flats, get a bike, and take it up a steep incline right away. More attention to topography, please!
(9) On April 15, 2015, llo () said:
The west End in St Louis Park would be a good location for a Nice Ride station. Numerous plazas, parking ramps, and lots for placement of the station. The neighborhood has apartments, shopping, coffee shops, restaurants, and fitness facilities. Just off the Cedar Lake Trail; about a 30 minute ride from Minneapolis.

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