Adding 20 New Stations to The Nice Ride System

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Nice Ride is thrilled to announce the addition of twenty new bike sharing stations for the 2015 season. Over the next three to four weeks, new stations will be rolled out in small groups to their predetermined locations. Updates will be provided through Nice Ride’s Twitter and Facebook accounts as the stations hit the streets.

Seventeen of the new stations are funded through an initiative of the National Park Service to enhance transportation access to the Mississippi National River and Recreational Area. In 2012, the National Park Service received federal transportation funds through the Paul S. Sarbanes Transit in Parks Program to facilitate our expansion into downtown St. Paul with the focus of increasing connections to the river.  Additional funding was provided in 2013 - 2014 for stations along the river in Minneapolis. This year, the focus is above the falls in Minneapolis, continuing to densify the overall network of stations and expand with a focus on sustainable growth.  More information about the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area can be found at  An online river trip planner can help you plan getting to the river without a car, and where the Nice Ride Stations are located along the river.

The remaining three new stations are funded through Hennepin County as a part of its continuing efforts to reduce urban congestion and improve air quality. These stations will be located within our existing network where we see the biggest demand for more bike share trips.

​B​lue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, Nice Ride’s title sponsor, continues to dedicate proceeds from its historic tobacco litigation settlement to improve the health of our communities by offering more opportunities for people to be physically active. The new stations provide even more opportunities for people to utilize the bike share system to commute, run errands and explore our metro’s most treasured sites. We’d like to thank all the supporters for their role in making the healthy choice both easy and enjoyable.

Below, find a list of new station locations. The locations are subject to change based on permitting. We’ll be announcing details of a kick-off and celebration in the near future.


Nicollet Island


SE 3rd Ave & University Ave SE


2nd Street SE & 5th Ave SE


22nd Ave NE & California Street NE


24th Ave NE & University Ave NE


18th Ave Trail & 2nd Street NE


Washington Ave N & Cedar Lake Trail


3rd Street NE & Lowry Ave NE


5th Street NE & 1st Ave NE


1st Ave N & 2nd Street N


3rd Street N & 8th Ave N


5th Ave N & 4th Street N


Sanford Hall


Weisman Art Museum


Hennepin Ave & S Washington Ave


5th Street NE & 3rd Ave NE


5th Street S & Nicollet Mall


Groveland Ave & Clifton Place


8th Street S & 2nd Ave S


Delaware St SE & 26th Ave SE

6 Previous comments:

(1) On July 17, 2015, Seth Radspinner () said:
I'm from southwestern St Paul and I think there should be some stations on Randolph.
(2) On July 22, 2015, Joe Schaedler () said:
Nice Ride needs to add a Beltrami Park station in NE Mpls for riders to use when visiting the various businesses at Central & Broadway (esp. the businesses to the northeast of this intersection)
(3) On July 22, 2015, Erica () said:
Please add a station at University & Oak, near McNamara Alumni Center, as well as at Snelling & St. Clair, near the St. Clair Broiler! Two spots that really need stations!
(4) On July 29, 2015, MJMulherin () said:
Disappointed. Not a single new station in St Paul.
(5) On August 2, 2015, Christopher Clark () said:
Its wonderful you added 20 bike stations except you took away the bike station I get my bike every morning at four o'clock in the morning. I chose the spot due to good lighting and safety at that time of morning. I am disappointed especially as there was no communication suggesting you might remove bike station.

(6) On October 16, 2015, Sandy Johnson () said:
It would be NICE to have some 3 wheelers available for folks who have trouble with balance but still want to exercise.

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