Why Bike Share Is Great For Bike Owners

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Oh, you already have a bike? We know. This is the Twin Cities after all, isn't it? Minneapolis recently ranked as a top 20 cycling city in the world, in fact, the only American city to ever make the list. That’s a pretty big deal and things are only going up from here, considering the newly adopted protected bikeways plan. Naturally, you'd have a bike - but here's the thing: So do 70% of our annual members! There are tons of reasons why a bike share membership makes sense even if you have a bike at home. If you think having a bike means you don’t need a Nice Ride membership, here are seven reasons given by our bike-owning members:

1. 190 locations in the Twin Cities

It’s like having 1,700 of your own bikes conveniently stashed in 190 places all over town, ready whenever you need them. Nice Ride makes one-way trips easy when you need them most because they're likely where you need them.

2. Mechanic comes standard

Ever had to fix a flat tire or a broken chain? You’ll never have to on a Nice Ride bike - with us, a mechanic comes standard. If there’s an issue with your Nice Ride, re-dock the bike, hit the red ‘repair’ button and grab a different one to get on your way. It really is that easy - don't even think twice about it!

3. Bike backup

For about $8 per month during the season, you can have a solid backup in case something happens to your bike. If you’re running late to work and get a flat, lock it up, grab a Nice Ride and be on your way. We'll be there, just like young Michael says.

4. No storage needed

You’ll never have to find a place to store your Nice Ride bike. Park it in the nearest station and be on your way. Lugging these green machines up stairs is something that's out of the question. We know you love your bike, but a Nice Ride will never take up space in your living room.

5. Set it and forget it

Dock the bike and from the moment that green light goes on, the bike is back in the loving care of our operations associates. If you’ve ever worried about leaving your bike locked up somewhere overnight, we do it eight months per year with 1,700 bikes. Don't worry - we'll take care of it from there.

6. Drop stations

We provide guaranteed docks at the biggest events around town. That means you’ll always have a place to dock your Nice Ride when you hit the biggest happenings.

7. One-way trips

The ultimate in transportation flexibility - bring a bike, leave it there. Arrive by bus, carshare, walking, unicorn or spaceship. Leave via Nice Ride bike. Great weather? Head to work on a Nice Ride. If it starts raining, take any of the available options home. The options are PRACTICALLY INFINITE.

Really, it doesn’t matter if you have a bike or not. Over 70% of our annual members do - there are still tons of great reasons to have a Nice Ride membership. Convinced? Sign-up today.

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(1) On August 17, 2015, Sharif Attia () said:
These are all such great reasons to have a nice ride membership (even though many of them are redundant). However, the bikes themselves are very heavy to use for a trip. It's like driving a truck, it's heavy and slow, it also takes a lot of effort to move compared to a standard even mountain bike. The bike's mechanics are reliable but it would have been great if they are any lighter.
(2) On September 7, 2015, Jesse Thompson () said:
I agree. I love the Nice Ride system for these reasons, but really wish the bikes were lighter and that there were more gears on the bike hubs for faster cruising speeds without having to stand up and pedal. I understand how the weight (including tire size) is an advantage for most (durability of the frame, stability, less worry about flats), but having only three gears makes faster, more flexible, and more adaptive riding speeds difficult.

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How do I return a bike?

Push the front wheel of the bike firmly into the bike dock until the green light on the dock comes on. The green light indicates that the bike is locked and properly returned. If the red light on the bike dock stays on, remove the bike and try another empty bike dock. The bike remains your responsibility until it is properly returned.