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On July 11, 2011, Nice Ride Minnesota hit 75,000 rides for the season. Our 2010 season totaled a little over 100,000 rides. Can we double that number in 2011? Only with your help!

We love our riders and want to make sure they know it. Through the end of the season, we will recognize the 100,000th, 125,000th, 150,000th, 175,000th and 200,000th rider with fabulous prizes! The more you ride Nice Ride, the better chance you have at a prize!

Honors go to Allison Meyer as the 75,000th rider. She was minding her own business, riding through the Uptown area of Minneapolis, enjoying a fantastic summer day. Suddenly, she’s our 75,000th rider. And for being lucky 75,000, Allison will receive a nifty Nice Ride mechanics shirt.

You may be the next lucky rider!

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(1) On September 15, 2011, anon () said:
NiceRide is up against a general malice this year in Minneapolis. Sorry to see such low numbers from your much organized effort. If it's any consolation the American public has to have the will to bike ride before desire. Those days of we will build it and they will come are over. Blame it on the attention span of the average American.

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