Pennies per Day

Bike sharing is a fun, low-cost way to get where you’re going. Whether you want to take one ride or one thousand, we’ve got a plan that works for you.

What you need to know

  • To use Nice Ride, you need to purchase either a membership or a pass.
  • The cost to use Nice Ride is a combination of your membership or pass, plus usage fees.
  • Usage fees are charged for all trips exceeding 60 minutes for members and 30 minutes for pass holders.

Becoming a member

If you're a regular rider, membership is the way to go. Members get 60 minutes per trip with no usage fees.

Members pay: Membership Price + Usage Fees


purchased on line

Usage Fees

charged per trip over 60 minutes
1-Year $65.00
0-60 min included
Student 1-Year $55.00 Each additional ½ hour +$3.00
30-day Pay-as-you-go $15.00

  • Don't miss a day: 1-Year memberships last a full 365 days. Sign up in August and you'll have access until August of the following year.
  • Best value: With an average of 215 days in the season you get access for about 30¢ per day.
30-Day Pay-as-you-go
  • On your terms: After your 30-day access period ends, you will not be charged again unless you reactivate.
  • Ready when you are: Reactivate at any time by inserting your Nice Ride key in any bike dock. You'll be charged another $15 and get access to bikes for another 30 days. Immediately.

Riding without a membership

You can ride without a membership by purchasing a pass at any Nice Ride station using a credit card. Pass holders get 30 minutes per trip with no usage fees. Your pass entitles you to unlimited trips for the duration of the pass. Return your bike and check it out again to restart the clock and get another 30 minutes without usage fees.

Pass holders pay: Pass Price + Usage Fees


purchased at the station

Usage Fees

charged per trip over 30 minutes
24 Hours $6.00
0-30 min included
30 Days $15.00 each additional ½ hour +$3.00

About passes
  • Ride today: Passes can be purchased at any one of our 170 stations throughout Minneapolis and Saint Paul.
  • Try before you buy: Not sure if you're ready to become a member? Get a pass and try it out first.
  • Great for visitors: Nice Ride passes are a terrific way to get around the city. Skip the cab and get on a bike.
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Avoiding usage fees

Usage fees can add up fast. Avoid usage fees by returning your bike to a station and checking it out again to restart the clock.

Ride Time
usage fees
Pass holder
usage fees
0-30 min $0.00 $0.00
31-60 min $0.00 $3.00
1 - 1.5 hrs $3.00 $6.00
1.5 - 2 hrs $6.00 $9.00
2 - 2.5 hrs $9.00 $12.00
2.5 - 3 hrs $12.00 $15.00
3 - 3.5 hrs $15.00 $18.00
3.5 - 4 hrs $18.00 $21.00
4 - 4.5 hrs $21.00 $24.00
4.5 - 5 hrs $24.00 $27.00
5 - 5.5 hrs $27.00 $30.00
5.5 - 6 hrs $30.00 $33.00
6 - 6.5 hrs $33.00 $35.00
Maximum usage fees per day: $65.00


Longer term rentals

Nice Ride is specifically targeted at short term rentals. If you would like to rent a bike for an extended period of time, we recommend that you use a local bike rental service.