Stronger Together

Bike share has become the must have amenity for first class cities. With the help of our sponsors, Nice Ride remains one of the largest and most respected bike share systems in the country.

All In for Nice Ride Sponsorship Program:

Nice Ride Minnesota is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that couldn't operate without the support of our sponsors. Now you can show your organization's support by becoming a sponsor of Nice Ride Minnesota.

With over 200 stations spread across Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Nice Ride Minnesota is one of the largest and best recognized bike sharing systems in North America. Operating since 2010, we work with many partners, both big and small, to help keep the Twin Cities a healthy and vibrant place to work, live and play.


Perks include:

  • Logo placement on sponsored station(s) and system maps (50K)
  • Social media campaign
  • Discounted annual memberships for your team
  • Partnership events, including complimentary Group Rides

 Sponsorship levels


Sponsorship Stations
$3,000 1
$10,000 4
$25,000 10


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Sponsors Make it possible

  • Nice Ride covers about 70% of it's operating costs through earned revenue. The remaining 30% comes from station sponsorship.
  • We do not receive any public support for operating expenses.
  • Sponsorship makes it possible for Nice Ride to offer low cost memberships and place stations in diverse neighborhoods.